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Winsor Pilates Review - Learn The Truth About Pilates


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With Winsor Pilates being one of the top fitness programs worldwide, its reviews have been excellent.

Most experts believe it will be a long time until another breakthrough comes through the fitness industry that changes the industry so dramatically.

Since Winsor Pilates reviews have been so excellent it has attracted a substantial amount of clients including top Hollywood stars and it has created a whole market of books, videos, DVDs which show different versions of the training methods.

The core of this article will focus on a review of Winsor Pilates contrasting the popular conditioning, shaping and body workout method.

As with any fitness program, there is positive and negatives and this article will attempt explain both the positive and negatives of Pilates, which I have found in a review of the method.

Many of the Winsor Pilates reviews I found were highly positive. However, on rare occasions in my research I have found some negative reviews as well.

Positive Winsor Pilates Reviews

Many of the people who I found that did a positive Winsor Pilates review provided informational proof that the Pilates methods really worked for them.

Many of these people blogged about it and included photos and testimonials that the Pilates training helped them lose weight become more fit and healthier.

In addition, in many of the positive reviews people would state the challenges they faced and how much fun it was to overcome those challenges with Pilates. Most of the people would end their positive review with the declaration that Pilates changed their life.

In the positive reviews of winsor pilates the most talked about spots of improvements were the tights, back, abs and legs. All of these areas were normally mentioned but most people claimed Pilates provides a total body workout.

Some positive Winsor Pilates reviews also made the claim that Pilates was much deeper than just physical. It was also psychological provide them with a sound mind that allowed for greater concentration.

Negative Winsor Pilates Reviews

Why they were much harder to find, there were some negative reviews on Winsor Pilates. Some of these reviews focused on the fact that purchasing Pilates equipment can be an expensive endeavor.

In addition most negative Winsor Pilates reviews also talked about how you needed to purchase a DVD or Video or take personal training to really learn the method. These people seemed unhappy that they could just not learn it by reading.

Lastly, a few of the negative reviews sighted that it takes time to learn the Pilates methods and they were looking for a quick fix to loose weight, which Pilates did not provide.

In the end even the negative reviews seem to end on a positive note that they believed that Pilates worked, but they just had a false expectation.

If you would like to read specific reviews of Winsor Pilates methods visit: Winsor Pilates Review


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