Exposing The Latest Weight Loss Gimmicks-Ab Machines

Kevin Yates

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“Get chiseled abs in 30 days by using the ‘Ab Bomber’!”

“Stress increases belly fat. Use ‘Corti-cure’ and lose belly fat!”

“Take ‘Megastacker 5000’ and watch the fat melt away!”

Haven’t we heard it all by now? Billion dollar industries flood the media by mass marketing the latest gimmick to cure the nationwide obesity epidemic. With two-thirds of the American population overweight, they appeal to the majority by making false promises that ultimately leave many believers frustrated and many dollars poorer.


If these gimmicks really worked there would not be a nation plagued with obesity. Think about it. Everybody would be using the latest supplement or device that provided the ultimate weight loss solution. Unfortunately, there is no such thing. Here are some sobering statistics:

  • Americans spend $30-$50 billion per year trying to lose weight.
  • 65% of the American population is overweight.
  • 31% of the American overweight population is obese vs. 23% in 1994


    The latest advertising campaign for lean abdominal muscles shows a contraption similar to a lounge chair where the back of the chair and the leg support move together. You sit in this lounge chair and perform this motion which is the basic abdominal crunch exercise.

    They show models around an outdoor pool with shirts off and stomachs exposed lean and chiseled. This is to persuade the target market (which is you, the viewer) that by using their ab machine you too will have a midsection like these individuals.

    The infomercial shows different people using this machine smiling all the way to a lean and defined stomach. This is to create the illusion that developing lean abdominals is fun and easy. The idea becomes more appealing because you don’t even have to do crunches on the floor; you just sit back in this chair and do them, no problem.


  • No abdominal exercise alone will develop a lean midsection
  • Abdominal exercises either build muscle or improve the ability of the muscles to work longer. This is not the same as losing fat!
  • This machine has the potential to develop hip flexors versus strong abdominals because most people incorrectly engage the hip flexors to move the legs without properly engaging the abdominals
  • This can lead to low back pain particularly in individuals who already suffer from the condition
  • Your abdominals are a group of different muscles with different functions and by training only crunches you are only training a fraction of the abdominal muscles.
  • Burning body fat requires you to burn lots of calories and the latest ab machine or isolated ab exercise (such as crunches, sit-ups, leg raises, etc) does not get the job done.
  • Developing lean abdominals is the result of an already appropriate level of muscular development combined with a low level of body fat. In other words, you can do all the crunches in the world, but if your body fat percent is too high you will never see those abs!

    There are many more ab machines coming out that make the same false promises of chisled abs the easy way. The only difference is the machine performs a different movement. The models in these infomercials certainly did not develop their abs with the device advertised. The lift weights, eat a very strict and clean diet of unprocessed, whole foods and really had to diet down to shoot the commercial.

    If you are serious about finding the right program you can find it at


    You will not find any gimmicks or false promises only the truth about how to burn up to 15, 30 even 50 or more pounds of fat and build lean muscle in the fastest time possible.

    You want the real solution to chiseled abs? It’s waiting for you right now. There is a special offer valid for a limited time only and will be pulled without notice. Get on the fast track and start burning fat right now.

    Kevin Yates

    Kevin Yates is a certified Personal Trainer and Sports Performance Coach with a 2 ½ year background in Physical Therapy as an aide. He has been working in the fitness industry for the last 7 years helping various populations of individuals and athletes burn fat, gain muscle, improve sports performance, maximize their fitness potential and improve their quality of life.


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