We All Should Be Diet Conscious - If Not Then Go In For Multivitamin


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I know the junk food is the rage in the present time and whosoever is avoiding the usage of it often being labeled as the oldie or old fashion. But increasing waist line in the young people and the children are producing the line and wrinkles in the parents and health workers mind that people in-spite of aware about the consequences of increasing the waist line are avoid it.

Well, this is not beyond the understanding that that junk food is not good in the long term and often these are not sufficient to give us the requisite vitamins needed for the growth of the kids and maintaining the good health. Despite this we keep on ignoring the things until some mishap happens to us.

So, what is the solution of this problem? Multivitamin pills, that quite obvious that in this age of fashion and modernity, the option of pills would flood your mind for Multivitamin pills. But trust me as a health conscious person I would like to suggest you especially the women that a balance diet is the best substitute for multivitamin and junk food.

We may know all about the virtues of leafy green vegetables and whole grains, but convenience and cravings lead us astray. The multivitamin is partial protection from our lapses. So, because it comes as the handy option we are compelled to go in this easy option of multivitamin pills.

It is also an easy way to add surplus vitamins and minerals to our diets. By definitions, vitamins are organic (carbon-based) compounds needed in only small amounts. Minerals serve a similar purpose, but are inorganic. Historically, nutrition focused on vitamin deficiencies that cause disease. But with fortification–the deficiencies that cause disease.

But with fortification–the systematic addition of nutrients, chiefly vitamins , to the food supply–and no shortage of food, the focus today has changed to whether vitamins and minerals in amounts larger than we need might protect us against conditions like heart disease and cancer.

In-spite of the doses of vitamins in the food some disappointing studies has been carried out and it came as a shock that these vitamins are not at all help in reducing the cardiovascular and heart disease. Therefore the doctors are recommending the usage of the vitamins in the diet.

They however recommend the multivitamin as a cautious wager that some extra vitamins and minerals will pay off in better health, even if deficiencies are not a problem. Multivitamins are already part of selected official recommendation. The U. S. 2005 Dietary Guidelines suggest that people older than 50 take them as a way to ensure adequate vitamin B12 intake. And all women of child-bearing age are advised to take folic acid–and a multivitamin is also way to do that–because doing so lowers the risk of birth defects. That leaves men age 50 and under as the only adult group not covered.

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