High Cholesterol in Teenagers

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Teenagers should begin forming good habits regarding their diet and exercise because they will be far more difficult to adopt as adults. By taking care of high cholesterol as a teenager, they can significantly reduce their chances for heart problems further along in their lives. Teenagers should eat low-fat diets, avoid saturated fats, and eat more foods that come from plants like fruits and vegetables.

As a teenager, there is lots of peer pressure to try things such as alchohol and cigarettes. These are two habits you can't afford to pick up. They reduce HDL (good) cholesterol levels.

Teenagers are generally more active, but TV and video games has significantly hampered many teenager's physical activities. They should strive to exercise 30 minutes of aerobics at least 3 times a week. This will help raise HDL cholesterol levels.

What are acceptable levels of cholesterol for teenagers

Acceptable levels of cholesterol in teens are between 120 mg/dL and 170 mg/dL for total cholesterol. If you have levels above 200 mg/dL, you should see a doctor and make some lifestyle changes. It is normal for cholesterol levels to increase about 1 point per year after the age of 18.

How to lower LDL cholesterol in teenagers

If your cholesterol levels remain high even though you follow the treatment recommendations, ask for an appointment with a nutritionist for low cholesterol diets. Join a local gym or fitness center to get on a weekly routine. Medications are prescribed for adults to help lower their cholesterol levels in serious cases. However, teenagers are rarely prescribed unless they have a rare form of high cholesterol related to disease instead of diet.

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