Choosing a Qualified Cosmetic Dermatologist


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Even though non-surgical procedures do not involve surgery, you have to remember that many of these procedures may cause hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, swelling or burns. You should choose your dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon as carefully as if you were electing to undergo a surgical procedure. You must ask questions, understand the risk, enquire about any post-procedure side effect and know well in advance if your chosen procedure requires anaesthesia. Since most non-surgical procedures require frequent visits for best results, it’s important for you to feel at ease and comfortable with this doctor. Here are some basic rules of thumb when evaluating and choosing a cosmetic dermatologist:

1. It's very important to find a cosmetic dermatologist who has training and experience with a variety of skin rejuvenation techniques.

2. You'll want to choose a cosmetic dermatologist who can give you the best possible single treatment or treatment combination. Look elsewhere if your cosmetic dermatologist tells you that he or she has perfected one single technique that promises unbelievable results overnight. The choice is yours, but be certain your doctor is qualified to prescribe the treatment you’re seeking. After all, these treatments involve the most visible part of your body ― your face.

3. In your initial consultation, be open in discussing your treatment goals with your cosmetic dermatologist or plastic surgeon and don't hesitate to ask any questions or express any concerns you may have. Your doctor should be equally open with you and explain the factors that could influence your choice of treatment options such as age, skin condition, ethnicity, and previous plastic surgeries.

4. The surgeon will ask about your medical history and conduct a routine examination. During this consultation, your cosmetic dermatologist should explain the process in detail, including the risks and benefits, the recovery period, and the costs.

5. Your insurance usually doesn't cover aesthetic/cosmetic procedures, so you might want to look at the rate sheets for different doctors, as the price per procedure varies a lot depending on the neighbourhood. To take Toronto’s example, a qualified Yorkville cosmetic dermatologist may charge substantially more than one located in Whitby.

6. Don’t be shy in asking to the cosmetic dermatologist’s portfolio and references from satisfied patients.

7. Just like you would ask for a reference to a friend, family member or colleague, when looking for a new dentist, you might also want to do the same when looking for a qualified cosmetic dermatologist. A satisfied client is usually a sure bet.

You can search the web for information on finding the right cosmetic dermatologist or simply visit Visit our site often and you’ll be well informed when is comes to non-surgical facelifts and effective anti-aging products.

In Canada:

1. Canadian Society for Aesthetic (Cosmetic) Plastic Surgery – Non-Surgical Procedures: csaps. ca/otherprocedures.htm

2. Canadian Dermatology Association: dermatology. ca

3. Canadian Laser Aesthetic Surgery Society: class. ca

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Choosing the Right Cosmetic Surgery Doctor
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