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Take a Break

Diane Dutchin

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Taking a break from exercising and following a diet or workout plan can be a healthy thing! Hold off on your rock throwing and read on!

At some point we will get to that place where, or have been where will get tired from sticking to a routine plan of following a plan, working out, eating clean, yada yada and we just want a break. Well, take a break - yes, you read that right - if your body and mind isn't cooperating to move you in a progressive manner, then take a break. A tiny break that is:-) Take a few days off and don't think about or follow any diet or exercise program. When we find ourselves in this place, we usually think that mentally we’re giving up, or others’ll label us “quitters”. Therefore, we stick it out and the results after that is usually minimal.

Why? Well, if the mind isn’t there – the right place, the results, and goals planned for the body will not be manifested, or will likely take longer to achieve. Think about it – if your mind, heart is no longer involved in a relationship with your spouse, partner, then the love making isn’t going to be engaging, because the mind is somewhere else. It has detached, there is no union, no togetherness, and no energy – gone. To get your mind, heart in gear, in unity with your body to achieve what you’ve planned, then it is wise to take a break – no, you’re not quitting, not giving up – you’re just taking a break. Why is it healthy to take a break in every other area except this? Why isn’t this encouraged? Come on; don’t buy into the lie that you’ll never get back into the game – why are you buying into and feeding on those lies? Hold on to them if they’re serving you well – trash them if they’re not!

You will find that doing this will give you what I like to ping “the itch". You'll discover that while on your “break" that you are more careful without thinking about it; as to what and how much you eat (that is called a habit) - there's a sense of becoming more aware and conscious of taking better care of you. Then you will realize how much you have changed and grown into enjoying leading a healthier lifestyle.

You will discover you actually enjoy eating healthier, and still splurge in your favorite treats, but not like you used to, and you’ll look forward to getting back into exercising. You will now do it with a whole different attitude and mindset - a way more energize and positive empowered you.

So trust me when I say - take a break, cause “the itch". . . a very good one at that will move you with ease and enjoyment back into your race towards your finish line.


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