Will Weight Loss Hypnosis Work?


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There has been a lot of discussion regarding the effectiveness of weight loss hypnosis. Some of the claims made state that this form of hypnosis can instantly change the way you think about food and exercise. This instantaneous effect helps you to automatically begin making life style changes that lead to the taking off of unwanted pounds. Is there any truth to these claims? Will Weight Loss Hypnosis Work?

Maybe yes, maybe no! Here are examples of some scenarios where you may find this type of treatment to be beneficial in both helping to reduce your waistline and getting you started on a healthier lifestyle.

Hypnosis has previously proven its effectiveness in helping people control and even eliminate a wide range of bad habits. People suffering from social anxiety disorder have been helped by the hypnotic suggestion that they have nothing to fear by being part of, or associating with groups of people. Smokers have benefited by hypnotists who offer this type of treatment to help them kick their nicotine habit. People have even used hypnosis to help them stop chewing their fingernails. And yes, people have lost weight after seeing a hypnotist. There is no shortage of evidence proving that people have been helped with each of these situations. As a result, it would seem as though the answer is yes, people who have undergone weight loss hypnosis can experience successful weight loss.

When taking a closer look at the success of treatment with hypnosis on these various problems, there exists one common thread that runs through all cases regardless of which habit an individual was trying to break. What is that common thread? Motivation! All the patients had reached a point in their lives where they were extremely motivated to make this change. The hypnosis itself became another tool to help them with the change.

It is important to understand that the act of hypnosis alone is not some kind of magical cure. We have all seen hypnosis in movies and other types of media portrayed as some kind of mystical force capable of easily over-coming even the strongest will to resist. This is simply not true! While hypnosis clearly has the ability to strengthen a resolve that is already existing in someones psyche, it does not, and cannot cause you to automatically turn away from a bad habit. Here's an example; hypnosis by itself can not make you physically ill when tempted by a food you are not supposed to eat. Instead, when the temptation for this food arrives, hypnotic suggestion can provide you with a little extra help in denying this temptation. The temptation hasn't gone away, but you will find a considerably lessened desire for the wrong foods. This can work both ways. A similar hypnotic suggestion may be used to lead you toward the foods you do need in order to maintain a healthy, nutritionally balanced diet.

What it all boils down to is that you are still in control of your own dietary destiny. Hypnosis alone will not do the trick, but combined with discipline, commitment, common sense, and a nutritionally balanced diet plan, weight loss hypnosis can be very effective.

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