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Keeping A Low Profile

Melvin Polatnick

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New studies have shown that laboratory mice who have been tempted daily with undelivered food and water for hours have developed numerous health problems. Another group of mice that were quickly satisfied when food and water were provided remained healthy and robust. This study is conclusive and proves frustration is destructive to the health of mice. The study also supports a long held belief that unfulfilled expectations are the leading cause of most health problems.

Due to present day standards, similar tests cannot be performed on humans. It would be put into the category of torture which is forbidden and inhumane. The tests and its results are too important to be ignored and they must be performed for the sake of all. But there might be a kinder way of getting the answers we are looking for. Observation of social conditions is accepted and can be very fruitful. Interviewing people and discovering the nature of their frustrations will reap a harvest of information. That information combined with health analysis can lead to a final confirmation that most poor health is due to frustration.

Life was never meant to be a horse race with only one winner and all losers. If you want to enter that horse race, expect to be frustrated because the winners circle is a small one and few can fit in it. Those that still demand to enter that race to be in the winners circle have only themselves to blame. Everywhere you look people are racing to be winners. Vanity has become the number one race, but there are only a few that can be stars, the rest feel the pain of being less than attractive. Being competitive is not the only way to live; there is a better and healthier choice.

Leading a healthy lifestyle is choosing a way of life that produces little frustration. But before you can choose that healthy lifestyle it is important that you have a healthy attitude. A healthy attitude is a humble one. Unrealistically high expectations set you up for deep falls; it results in broken spirits and poor health. Being honest with yourself, and accepting your limitations are the first step in obtaining better health and peace of mind. Build a foundation of personal interests, many of them can be done alone and are the best medicine for your mind and body. Enjoying the things that you are capable of doing produces a beautiful and healthy life, a life with much less frustration.


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