Electrolysis Can Remove the Unwanted Hair You Absolutely Hate!


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Many women don’t know that it’s normal to have hair in the same places that men do. For instance, most women have at least some hair on their breasts. If you’re lucky, you have a lot less hair than a man, but it is likely that you will encounter unwanted hair at some point in your lifetime, whether it is on your legs, face, breasts, or some other area on your body.

There are many hair removal options: shaving, waxing, tweezing, threading, depilatories, and electrolysis. Each has its advantages and disadvantages; however, electrolysis is the only proven method of permanent hair removal. The general public is often not aware of the advantages of electrolysis over other types of hair removal.

Anything that you do to remove hair above the skin will not stimulate growth. This means that shaving, depilatory creams and bleaching have no effect on hair growth. The disadvantage to these methods is that they generally do not last very long. Before visiting my office, many people are under the impression that by pulling unwanted hair out by waxing or tweezing would make their problem go away. Pulling hair out by tweezing or waxing lasts longer, but will stimulate hair growth in certain areas of the body such as your face, bikini line, or breasts. The exception to this is waxing your legs. Leg waxing may cause the hair to grow less fully because of its affect on glands located in the area.

There are about 1000 hair follicles on every square inch of skin. Any single hair that you pull out with tweezing, waxing, or threading won’t come back for almost 3 months, so the hairs you are pulling out in the time between are brand new hairs! Pretty scary!! Each time you are tweezing, waxing, or threading hair, you are stimulating the other hair follicles in the area to make new hairs. It is possible to tweeze one or two hairs and from only those hairs, stimulate growth to the point where you are tweezing day and night, and cause ingrown hairs!

With electrolysis, you can avoid these problems and permanently remove unwanted hair.

Ronni Kolotkin is an expert on electrolysis and hair removal . She owns the top rated electrolysis practice in New York City and has been helping people battle unwanted hair for 35 years. Submit your hair removal questions at http://www.ronnikolotkin.com or call Ronni Kolotkin’s office at (212)366-6663.


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