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Woman and Depression. . . many in our society think Woman and Depression always go hand in hand. The truth though, is that woman and depression don't always have to go together. This article will address some issues that woman and depression face today.

Woman and Depression - It's Not Just For Women

Depression can affect anyone, it does not matter the type of people. It has no rules for those of a certain age, race, sex, or social class. But, when it comes to sex, women are twice as likely to become affected than men. Men are affected by depression, but most stats say that women experience depression and the worst parts of depression far more often than men.

Woman and Depression - Its Prevalence Among Us

One of four women, or 25% of the female population, will be declared as clinically depressed. That is a lot of women when you consider the population of our country or the world. Most of the time, women will feel depression around their menstrual cycle. This is because of a change in hormones. Most of the time a woman will not even notice a change in themselves until someone points it out.

Woman and Depression - Triggers Often Bring It On

Many women suffer from depression because of a certain trigger, which we will define as an event in their lives. Some of the most obvious triggers would be things like miscarriages or being pregnant. Women will end up being depressed over these things because their bodies are going through such a major change.

Other triggers that may cause depression are changes in life. Changes in jobs or living environment, changes in relationships or even changes in the weather. All of these external changes can cause a woman to experience depression.

Woman and Depression - How To Handle Depression

Women should know that the way they handle their depression is different. Not every woman will deal with her troubles the same way. One woman may be able to recover from her depression by seeking comfort in a friendship. Another woman may also find her solution to her depression by going to therapy and talking out her issues. Still another woman may find that none of these things help her and that she has to seek out professional medial help. Medication with a combination of therapy has been able to cause many people to get over their depression.

If a woman feels uncomfortable seeking medical or professional help she may want to ask a friend or family member to go with her so that she can get comfortable with the idea of therapy and with the therapist. She can then ease yourself into the sessions or into the idea of getting medicated. When she goes with a friend or family member that she is near to, she may find that it is easier to reach out for help. The bottom line is that everyone is unique and the treatment that they need may be very different than someone else's.

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