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A famous quote by -Sulzberger & Zaldems, in the year of 1948 about acne is simple, yet true. “There is no single disease which causes more psychic trauma, more maladjustment between parents and children, more general insecurity and feelings of inferiority and greater sums of psychic suffering than does acne vulgaris. " Many people today are suffering from acne's social effects mostly in teens and some adults. Their is no known evidence or credible research for an acne cure or acne treatment to help people get rid of acne. Although if you get on a good acne regimen and find the right acne skin care products then their have been many cases of success.

Doctors, dermatologists and research has shown that cases of the psychological and social effects of adult acne and in teen acne have not been appreciated until most recent. The reasons for the effects are quite obvious. Almost everyone has had a case of acne in one form or another. In all most all cases, acne will go away on its own. While there have been serious cases of acne in most cases, acne is not a serious threat to anyone's health. Furthermore, until most recently in the last 20 years there was almost no known way to treat acne.

Acne if nothing else in most cases will cast a shadow on a persons social life and over all appearance. Recent research has found the following as very common among people with acne

Poor social life

Lower self-esteem

Lower self-confidence


Feelings of depression


Feelings of frustration

Higher rate of unemployment


Feelings of hate

Anxiety disorders

The effects of acne are usually will have a form of a snowball effect on a persons life. The negative social and psychological effects can have a huge impact on a persons life and cause a person not to experience everything that life has to offer. So if you have acne or know some one who does make sure they get a good acne regimen and get the right acne skin care products. Help this person, whomever it may be get back their life and take control back.

Dr. Kenneth Franks has been recommending the best Adult Acne skin care products for years. He takes his business serious and loves to help people Get Rid of Acne with the right Acne Treatments you can fight the zits and pimples and get rid of your acne today.


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