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Read Labels Carefully If You Suffer Gluten Allergy


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For those who suffer with gluten allergy, or a wheat allergy, it can be hard to find foods that do not contain this product. Bread and bread products are generally off limits for these people. In addition, sufferers should read ingredient labels carefully to decide which foods are safe to eat and which might cause an allergic reaction.

First, it is important to know that there are two conditions that can cause a person to be sensitive to the ingredients often found in breads and bread products. First, some people suffer with a wheat allergy. They must stay away from products containing wheat or wheat flour, but are allowed to eat any other forms of bread.

Other people suffer with what is called coeliac disease or gluten allergy. For those who have this sensitivity to gluten, it is a little more difficult for them to decide which products are safe to eat and which aren't. These people need to learn to read product labels carefully and know which ingredients are gluten in disguise.

It is extremely important for people with gluten allergies to recognize all of the ingredients that can indicate there is gluten in a product. Some of the ingredients that indicate gluten is in a product include bread crumbs, couscous, seitan, wheat bran, wheat germ, cereal extract or semolina wheat. Generally people who are sensitive to gluten know to be on the look out for these and all other bread-type products.

However, there are also some products that contain gluten that aren't as obvious. These include any foods that contain natural flavoring. This is a vague term that may indicate gluten has been used. Soy sauce also contains gluten as does modified food starch, vegetable gum and hydrolyzed vegetable protein.

If you are afraid you might accidentally consume a product that has one of these ingredients, keep a list of these gluten containing products in your pocket or purse. Compare it with the list of ingredients on the food package before buying or eating it to be sure you won't be eating something that could be potentially harmful.

Those who suffer with a gluten allergy should take steps to see they have help on hand in case they do eat something that causes an allergic reaction. Ask your doctor if he will prescribe an anaphylaxis kit that you can carry with you every where you go.

This kit is basically a shot of epinephrine that will keep your heart beating and help slow airway constriction until you can get to a medical facility for help. Be sure you know how to use this kit in the case you have a reaction. Also be sure those close to you know where to find the kit and how to use it in the case you can't inject yourself.

Breads and bread products can cause serious allergic reactions for those who suffer a gluten allergy. Generally, people will not outgrow this allergy, they must live with the diet restrictions all of their lives.

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