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Test Your Cellulite IQ


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When it comes to cellulite, a lot of women are in the dark. They seem to know more about Oprah than they do about this common condition that has been around for about 150 years! This is a crying shame since a lot of heartaches, tensions, and trauma can be relieved if more women knew the truth about cellulite.

To straighten things out, here are some common myths and misconceptions about cellulite from the makers of Celrase, a breakthrough product that helps eliminate cellulite, reduce stubborn body fat, and restore your skin's natural beauty:

Cellulite is a disease. False. It's not medical condition. It's a normal variation of fat that causes the skin to look like an orange peel or cottage cheese. This cosmetic problem affects many women (and a few men) and commonly appears around the hips, thighs, and buttocks.

“If your body is storing large amounts of body fat, it needs some sort of structure to support the fat. It sets up a network of protein strands (called ‘collagen') that weave through the fat stores, and attach to the skin. The tension of the collagen strands can pull the skin inwards. This gives the dimpling effect that can be a problem on the thighs or arms of females, or the stomachs of males. This combination of body fat stores and supporting fibers is called cellulite, ” said the editors of Yahoo! Health.

A low-fat diet can treat cellulite. False. While a low-fat diet is healthy, especially if you're overweight or want to maintain your present weight, it won't prevent or treat cellulite. It makes more sense to combine healthy eating habits with exercise if you want to strengthen your body and firm up your muscles. That way, cellulite become less noticeable.

Cellulite is caused by water build-up and toxins in the body. False. This idea was popularized by Nicole Ronsard in 1973 who first described the condition in her book “Cellulite: Those Bumps and Bulges You couldn't Lose Before. ” Research has shown, however, that cellulite is simply stored fat and nothing more.

“This idea has been pushed by companies that offer cures based on ‘detoxification’ or the release of water stored in the cellulite fat (adipose tissue). However, scientific studies have shown that while the structure of tissue surrounding fat in cellulose skin areas is abnormal, the physiological and chemical nature of cellulite adipose cells appear to be no different from that in other parts of the body, ” revealed the Science for Every Woman blog.

Surgery is the only cure for cellulite. False. It would appear that surgery, particularly liposuction, is the only way out for women with cellulite but the procedure carries a lot of risks and discomforts – not to mention the huge medical bill you'll probably get! A good exercise program and a high-fiber diet can reduce cellulite. Drink plenty of fluids and avoid salty foods that can cause fluid retention and make your condition worse.

Another alternative is Celrase, a revolutionary product that helps reduce cellulite and clears stubborn fat to bring out a better and sexier you. Just apply it on affected areas once or twice a day and you'll be ready to face the world again with your great body. For more information, visit

Janet Martin is an avid health and fitness enthusiast and published author. Many of her insightful articles can be found at the premier online news magazine


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