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Channel Perfumes - The True Channel is Inimitable

Edvard Kurnik

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There are many perfumes in the world that stay in our memories as being wonderful or even great. These perfumes however are eclipsed by the most famous perfume of our modern times. This is the Channel Perfumes that bears the simple number 5 on its label. We know this perfume as it is now called Channel No.5.

There are many stories about how this Channel perfume came into being. What is known is that it was created by one Ernest Beaux and relesed at the premier of one of Channel's fashion shows. This was in 1921. The perfume was a hit because it departed from the usual standard of perfumes that were sold during that era.

This particular Channel perfume set the stage for many new innovations in the perfume world because of the new ideas that were used to create this perfume. Instead of the usual flower scents that were used Ernest Beaux used synthetic perfume oils as well in his creation. He let Channel choose the sample that she wanted to present and when it became famous other perfumes were made around this same idea.

Today while Channel No.5 is one of the most famous perfumes in the world there are other types of Channel perfumes for us to see and try. Some Channel perfumes have followed the trend of the first Channel perfume. These perfumes bear a simple number as their name.

Besides these Ernest Beaux created other famous Channel perfumes for us. These include Channel 22 which was released in 1922, Cuir de Russie which was intorduced in 1925, Gardenia which the public saw in about 1925, and Bois des Isles which came into our lives during 1926. These perfumes were later reintroduced to the world as boutique exclusives in 1986.

Other than these Channel perfumes there are some new brands on the market. For instance in 1984 the house of Channel launched their tribute perfume to Channel. This Channel perfume was simply called Coco in honor of Coco Channel. Allure the Channel perfume for the woman of today was released in 1996.

The Channel perfume range is always released with the help of a beautiful celebrity. The first such person who helped make Channel perfume well known was Marilyn Monroe. In an interview with a journalist Marilyn Monroe said that she only wore Channel No.5 to bed.

Nicole Kidman became the new face of Channel perfumes during 2004. As we knew her as a talented actress the idea that she wore Channel perfumes brands made sure that we would try a Channel perfume the next time that we went to buy perfumes. This constant change of well known personalities and celebrities helps to keep Channel perfumes in our minds.

For all of these reasons Channel perfumes is an iconic perfume. When we buy even a small sample perfume we are buying into history, because no other perfume has changed the way that we look at perfumes and ourselves.


Edi Kurnik

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Edi Kurnik was born in Maribor - Slovenia, in 1968. He studied management and marketing at the University of Maribor. Currently serving as the E-commerce Manager at Triple A-Invest, the leading direct marketing company and network in Slovenia.


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