When is It a Good Time to Invite Your Date Up to Your Apartment?


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When is it a good time to invite your date up to your apartment?

In my opinion it's when you can close your eyes and fall backward and know that he will catch you.

You should know a lot about the person alone with you in your apartment.

Have you ever tried to push a 200+ pound man with a bad attitude? Its pretty much impossible.

No matter how you say it, saying that you only let people you completely trust come into your apartment, says that you think a lot about yourself and you take care to make sure you are safe.

People get their clues about how to treat you from how you treat yourself. If you and your date spend the entire dinner talking about how great you think you are and then you let him up without really knowing him, you are really telling him that you actually don't believe you are such a treasure and you will let a total stranger into your home.

I don't like it when guys pressure me into being alone with them. It sets off warning bells that this guy wants one thing and I will soon be on my knees picking-up whats left of my heart. Thankfully I have been on my knees with my shattered heart but never after being made love to by one of these con artists. I never have felt like a fool running into someone who stopped calling and they always ask the same thing, “why didn't we end up together?" (Translation- “why didn't you sleep with me?") And I always think, “I don't know. . just lucky I guess. " but I say, “Because you didn't make me fall in love with you. "

The saying, “I'm not that kind of girl" is laughable in the year 2006 but I have a new version.

When I start to get the, “aren't you going to invite me up" pressure I look confused and say something like, I think you are used to dating a different type of girl. When I know you and trust you. "I" will invite you into my home, you wont need to invite yourself. "

A lot of guys will stop calling after this but guess what kind of guys they are? Not the guys who REALLY ARE looking for someone special.

Take Care Of Yourself And Others Will Too.

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