Six Questions All Women Ask About Pregnancy


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Here are a set of six questions about pregnancy that almost all women have in their mind while pregnant. We give you the answers to save you from unnecessary worry and confusion.

1. Is it too painful to give birth? Well, giving birth IS painful. However, it is more painful for some while for others, it may just be a smooth ride. Moreover, it depends on how you deliver the baby. An epidural birth makes you able to tolerate the pain better while in natural birth, it depends on how you breathe through pain to make it bearable. Other factors are your health and your capacity to withstand pain.

2. Is my baby Healthy Inside? A lot of mothers are anxious about pregnancy in terms of their baby’s health in their womb. Don’t worry. Medical science has reached great heights of advancement and can detect and treat problems effectively. For example, morning sickness, tiredness, and mood oscillations are good signs. It shows that your hormones are doing their work dutifully in helping your baby to develop. Besides this, if you are alert about any spotting or pain and report to your doctor immediately, then rest assured, your baby is going to be perfectly fine and cozy inside you.

3. Will I Gain Too Much Weight? Depending on your weight before pregnancy, you need to add about 25-35 pounds to your body weight during pregnancy to nourish your baby. A great way to avoid gaining too much extra flab is to increase your calorie intake by 300 calories daily. However, do not forget to exercise regularly to prevent anxious moments about pregnancy weight.

4. Is Coffee Harmful During Pregnancy? This is a debatable question. Some doctors are of the view that a cup or two won’t do any harm to your baby while others don’t to recommend it. The best thing you can do is consult your doctor. If your blood pressure is high, then your doctor may ask you to avoid it totally.

5. Will A Seat Belt Hurt My Baby? Before using a seat belt, consult your doctor about how you should place it on your abdomen. A seat belt is harmless, if worn properly, and protects you and your baby. This is one of the major issues about pregnancy safety.

6. What Should Be My Sleeping Posture? As your pregnancy advances, you will find that sleeping on your sides or back feels most comfortable. Avoid sleeping on your stomach, as it puts pressure on your baby. Moreover, you won’t feel like sleeping on your stomach as your belly grows larger.

So, now that your doubts have vanished, get ready to bring a new life into the world!

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