Menopause is a Natural Phenomenon


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Menopause is a natural and inevitable process of the cycle of growing older for women even though it may seem most unnatural during the process. Mood swings, raging hormones, emotional outbursts, and physiological manifestations and symptoms are common signs of this particular condition. The end result is the end of your menstrual cycle and the ability to bear children.

Menopause is officially declared once a woman has gone 12 consecutive months with no menstrual period. The average age for the onset of menopause is 51 years of age, though that number fluctuates wildly and individually. And every symptom of menopause has a perfectly plausible reason for its manifestation.

The hormone levels within the body drop significantly enough to no longer trigger menstrual cycles. This will continue with periods stopping altogether or gradually until they reach that point. Once you have not had a menstrual cycle for one year you are considered officially in the state of Menopause. Of course every body is different and there are some symptoms of menopause that are quite hard to cope with while experiencing it for yourself. You will find, when it happens to you that it will in some ways be welcomed and in some ways despised. Regardless of that it is perfectly natural and inevitable.

Common signs of menopause:

  • 1) Irregular periods
  • 2) Excessive fatigue
  • 3) Increased stress levels
  • 4) Weight gain
  • 5) Frequent headaches
  • 6) Diminished sex drive
  • 7) Fluid retention
  • 8) Hot flashes
  • 9) Night sweats
  • 10) Mood swings
  • 11) Irritability
  • 12) Depression

Prevention of these symptoms

Hormone replacement therapies have been the most commonly prescribed course of treatments for these symptoms in the past and are an effective treatment for the discomforts that these symptoms present. The hormones are usually prescribed in order to supplement the depleting supply rather than to replace ounce for ounce. There are, however, some serious risks and potential side effects associated with this type of treatment and it should be carefully considered with all the facts before deciding whether or not this is the best course of action for your situation.

There are essentially three types of menopause it is important to know which type of menopause you are experiencing when deciding which will be the best course of treatment.

  • 1) Natural Menopause. This occurs as a natural part of the aging process.
  • 2) Medical or surgical menopause. This typically occurs as the result of a hysterectomy with ovary removal or chemotherapy.
  • 3) Cold Turkey Menopause. This is what generally happens when someone has been taken off of menopausal hormone therapy after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Menopause is natural and should be expected if you are a woman. While there is no need to meet it with fanfare and open arms there is also no need to fear or resent it. This is a natural part of the aging process and something that should at the very least be met with acceptance.

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