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Cure Yeast Infections - Your Guide To Medical And Natural Yeast Infection Cures


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Yeast infections or “vaginal candidiasis" in the medical language, is a painful infection caused by a yeast called “Candida". This particular bug thrives in warm, moist areas of the body i. e. , the vagina in women, under the foreskin in men, and even under folds of skin in the warmer climates.

The cures for yeast infections can be both complimentary - traditional treatments, and medical treatments. The medical treatment of yeast infections are based around medications that kill the yeast bug. This can be via tablets or ovules called “pessaries" that are placed inside the vagina, creams that are applied to the infected area and also tables that are swallowed that treat the whole body. The length of treatment can be a once only dose, a few days and some creams may need to be used for a week or longer. People who have frequent infections, more then four episodes a year, can be treated with preventative medications that act long term and are usually given once or twice a week. If you choose to use a medical cure for your yeast infection it is best to talk with your local doctor to discuss the various treatment options.

Natural cures for yeast infections work towards helping the body cure the infection and also help balance the level of acidity in the vagina.

Traditional cures can include Calendula which is both anti fungal and also soothing, garlic which can be placed inside the vagina, and tea tree oil which can be used to cleanse the area.

One popular natural cure for yeast infections is yoghurt. This can be either eaten or inserted inside the vagina. It is important to only use plain, live acidophilus yoghurt as it is the bacteria “lactobacillus acidophilus" that is needed to help balance the natural acidity of the body.

Naturally it is always important to contact your local medical doctor to be help you decide on the optimal treatment and cure of yeast infections

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Cures For Yeast Infections Natural Treatments For Yeast Infections
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