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A lot of women have the desire to become physically attractive. That’s nothing new. There are always a lot of costs associated with taking your body and transforming it into what you want. Now, we’re going to talk about breast augmentation without surgery and the costs that are typically involved. For a long time, surgical implants were the only way to go for ladies who wanted to completely restructure their bust. However, today because of research and the developments, there are a lot of low cost alternatives to enhancing your breasts. These breast augmentation without surgery methods include pills, crease, pumps and more.

By far, the most expensive alternative of them all would be surgery. The expenses associated with breast augmentation are staggering. An operation costs anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 – that’s including the consultation with the physician, the operating room costs and the anesthesia. The cost of the operation also depends greatly on the location where it’s getting done and the skill and reputation of the doctor. For example, it’s going to cost a lot more if you’re getting the operation done in Beverly Hills, as opposed to Phoenix, Arizona.

Breast augmentation without surgery is relatively inexpensive when compared to the surgical method. A lot of brands of breast enlargement pills are offered for a discounted price near $200 to $250 for a half a year course. A 16 week supply, or 4 month, would cost around $150 to almost $200. Just a bottle alone of pills may cost an average of $50 for 4 weeks use. You can find these breast enlargement pills all over the internet.

The creams that are typically associated with breast enlargement are available in different quantities. The prices for these range anywhere from $25 up to $75, it just depends upon the quantity and the quantity in which the creams are sold.

If you’re interested in breast enhancing pumps, those cost between $250 and $300. It just depends on the accessories that come with it. There are also pumps that are available which cost as little as $50. Like the creams and pills, they are sold through online stores.

It’s important that you take the time to research all the alternatives to breast augmentation without surgery. These methods do work, you just have to find one that works for you, stick with it until you achieve your desired results. Of course, you can have the instant satisfaction that comes with breast augmentation surgically, however you better have the money and the willingness to accept the risk if you’re going that route. Personally, I believe breast augmentation WITHOUT surgery is the way to go.

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