Some Facts About Bacterial Vaginosis


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The single most common vaginal infection is bacterial vaginosis. Despite the fact that it holds the number one position as the most common vaginal infection for women there is quite a bit of confusion among women about bacterial vaginosis (BV).

There is also no exact trigger mechanism that is known to cause bacterial vaginosis although some general pieces of information have been assembled. It most commonly strikes the broad spectrum of women in the category of 15-44 year olds who are *** active. Although a woman does not have to be *** active to get BV nor does she even have to have had any kind of sex. It is well known that BV can even occur in women who are virgins.

So this helps to rule out the idea that bacterial vaginosis is a *** transmitted disease even though it does occur more often among women who are *** active. Women who are pregnant or who have a *** transmitted disease tend to have higher rates or show greater risk of the occurrance of this infection. Men cannot get BV and so there has never been a need to treat the male partner.

Bacterial vaginosis simply seems to occur when some event or series of events set about to trigger a change in the normal chemical and biological makeup of the vagina. When the normal pH balance and the good bacteria that usually reside within is disrupted the onset of BV is more likely to follow.

Yeast infections seem to be more understood and a more recognizable ailment among women and there are literally dozens of products to help get rid of a yeast infection, no such arena exists for BV.

There are almost no over-the-counter products and while bacterial vaginosis can be treated and cured with antibiotics there is an incredibly high rate (30%) that the woman will get BV again within 3 to 6 months.

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Bacterial Vaginosis Basics
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