Can Differin Gel Be Used During Pregnancy


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From research done on the use of differin gel during pregnancy, it has been noted that topical adapalene should only be used by women of childbearing age after they have received contraceptive counseling and it is strongly recommended that topical adapalene should not be used by pregnant women. So it is safe to answer the question by saying no Differin Gel may not be used during pregnancy. Studies indicate that there have been reports of birth defects by women who were exposed to topical retinoids and adapalene during pregnancy. It is also not recommended for women who are nursing as the drug may be excreted through the mother's milk.

For people who are not pregnant and would like to use differin gel for the treatment of acne here are some tips you might want to follow. You should apply differin gel only once a day in the evening before bedtime, to the affected acne areas, a very small amount of gel should be used, but be sure to avoid contact with the eyes, lips and areas surrounding them. Do not use differin gel more that once a day because no matter how much you use it will not help that acne to vanish any faster, but you might end up with irritated skin with symptoms such as redness and swelling. It is recommended that you apply differin gel to areas where pimples usually form on a regular daily basis.

What you can expect to see in the first weeks might discourage you to continue using differin gel but be patient and your final outcome should be rewarding. Your acne may look as though it has gotten worse before it starts to get better, but rest assured that you will begin to see an improvement after eight weeks or so of treatment. Depending on how severe your acne is will determine how long it will take to clear up your face.

Now that we have determined that the use of Differin Gel during pregnancy is not recommended there are other alternative treatments that you may want to try and are considered relatively safe, such as Benzoyl peroxide which is a topical medication and it is often recommended for the treatment of acne for pregnant women. You may also use mild creams that contain aloe vera properties for the treatment of acne during pregnancy, and also mild medicated soaps and gels. As usual it is highly recommended that before you start any sort of acne treatment during pregnancy, you should first get the advice of your medical practitioner to ensure that it is safe for you to use.

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