Yeast Infection-Overgrowth-Symptoms And The 1-2 Punch Cause


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The primary organism that is the culprit of yeast infections is called Candida Albicans. When there is a large overgrowth of this fungus, it is called Candidiasis. This is sometimes referred to as the “yeast syndrome” and can be characterized by a general feeling of sickness or aching through out the body. Yeast is known to release nearly 180 chemicals which can end up entering into the body and, over time, result in illnesses or disease states.


  • Lack of energy; excessive fatigue with lethargy
  • Bloating/ gas / indigestion after eating; extreme food sensitivity
  • Heartburn, constipation, diarrhea or mucus in the stool
  • Emotional problems: Depression, anxiety, mood swings, panic attacks
  • Headaches or difficulty concentrating, being “spacey”
  • Muscle weakness or joint pain
  • Thrush, dry mouth or tongue, swollen face
  • Itchy skin, rectal itching, diaper rash
  • Athletes foot or nail fungus
  • Chronic recurring UTI infections
  • Allergies, sinus problems, chronic chest congestion
  • Itching/burning associated with yeast infection of the sex organs
  • Sugar or carbohydrate craving

    The 1-2 Punch

    Candida Albicans is normally present in small amounts in various parts of the body, especially in the lower intestine, where it is kept at bay by friendly bacteria. When people get sick and take antibiotics to kill off germs, they end up killing more than that. Since antibiotics to not discriminate, they kill many things, such as the friendly bacteria which help keep yeast under control. That’s Culprit # 1.

    When the friendly bacteria are killed off, the check on yeast is removed. That might not be such a disaster, except for the fact that the yeast tend to come back and grow faster than friendly bacteria due to Culprit #2: High Sugar Intake.

    Yeast thrives on sugar and can go through explosive population growth when left unchecked and fed all the sugar they can eat. These culprits are part of the 1-2 Punch your body takes before it starts to spin out of control. This can, in turn, become part of a self feeding cycle because as levels of the metabolic byproducts of yeast fermentation entering the blood stream rise and then decline, they can induce sugar cravings or carbohydrate cravings which results in your feeding the yeast what is required to continue fermentation.

    You become addicted to the thing that is making you sick. However, it must be stated, if you have a high sugar intake before taking antibiotics, then the stage is set and the outcome is not surprising. While other factors can contribute, these are the two big ones that if taken care of, will help blunt or dwarf any other contributing factors.

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