Systemic Yeast Infection


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Systemic yeast infection occurs when the entire body is infected by a yeast infection. This is obviously a severe yeast infection.

The human body naturally contains yeast in the form of the fungus called Candida . The most common form of this fungus, Candida Albicans is found in the digestive tract and throat.

When this fungus gets out of control it starts to grow at a faster rate than all the other cells and fungi in the human body. As a result of this there is an imbalance and the Candida fungus grows at a faster rate. Now the Candid fungus could morph into a different form.

It is this new form of the fungus that causes more serious or invasive damage to our bodies. This new fungus attaches itself to our intestinal walls and makes microscopic holes. It is through these holes that toxins are able to get into our bloodstream. When this happens it is called systemic yeast infection.

According to medical reports it is believed that a two to 80 to 90% of population suffers from some form of Candida or systemic yeast infection. People just think that this is the way things are and they just become accustomed to living with the systemic yeast infection.

People’s genetic makeup affects how systemic yeast infections manifest themselves. Hence it is difficult to associate the symptoms somebody has with a systemic yeast infection.

Is the opinion of many people that the primary cause a systemic yeast infection is the use or abuse of antibiotics in our modern world. Ironically the very thing that is apparently making us well is also helping to poison us.

This article intention is to be informative and does not constitute medical advice. If you suspect or are worried that you have systemic yeast infection symptoms then make sure you consult your health professional.

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