Pubic Hair Waxing - Should You Consider a Bikini or Brazilian Wax?


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Pubic hair waxing has become increasingly popular in recent years and the bikini and Brazilian wax have become ever more popular.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of waxing the pubic hair region and should you consider it?

Read on and find out.

Waxing the pubic region is more hygienic and allows you to wear skimpy bikini’s lingerie and swim wear and this is why many women do it.

On another level both a large percentage of men and women find it erotic and many women report that it improves orgasm and the pleasure they get from oral sex.

A bikini or Brazilian wax only takes 30 minutes or so of your time and its highly affordable now, as the rise in popularity has seen prices drop in salons.

While waxing via the bikini and Brazilian wax is seen as a new fashion trend nothing could be further from the truth women were doing it thousands of years ago.

Waxing was popular in ancient societies in India, Persia and Greece to name but a few.

We have gone through the advantages but what are the disadvantages?

The obvious one is the pain that waxing involves, while not as bad as some women thing it is going to be, there is of course a level of discomfort.

The pain gets less with further waxings (and just like having your nails done this is a regular treatment needed monthly) and if you use a trained waxer then they will minimize discomfort.

Some women are worried about the embarrassment of having someone look and attend to their private parts but really its no worse than seeing your doctor and just like them they have seen it all before.

Helpful hints

If you are considering a Brazilian or Bikini wax then make sure:

1. You have a warm shower before hand and relax.

2. If you are unsure go for a bikini wax before a full Brazilian.

3. Pick a salon carefully and get some testimonials

The verdict

Most women who try waxing of the pubic region love it! It’s liberating, feels clean, is sexy and not only will you love it chances are your partner will to.


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How To Give Yourself A Brazilian Bikini Wax?
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