A Slice Of Menopause Cake, Madam?


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Tried almost everything but still having those horrible menopause symptoms? Try the Menopause Cake or the HRT Cake!

I first heard about this from the lady I go to for reflexology. She had seen an article in the Daily Mail (a British newspaper) with a recipe for it. It was devised by a woman called Linda Kearns who was going through a rough time going through the ‘change of life’.

She was prescribed HRT but was unhappy at the prospect of taking medication long-term and was anxious to find an alternative. She decided to devise a an HRT or Menopause Cake which would have all the nutrients she needed and required. Linda found, that it not only worked for her, but for her friends too and was soon a big talking point for her local town in Yorkshire.

Back to my reflexologist. She and four other friends, also going through the menopause decided to try it. For her it definitely worked. She and one of her friends were on a high, they felt so good. Gone were her hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, moodiness etc. Two of her other friends found it made no difference to them, and the last one experienced bloating and stopped using it.

The cake is made from soya flour, soya milk, pumpkin seeds, raisins, linseeds, sesame seeds, nuts of any kind and extra dried fruit or apple, plus spices if you want to vary recipe. This cake is 95% fat free - no fat is added as the nuts and seeds provide this. If you want the full recipe, click Menopause Cake .

Ingredients such as seeds and soya are rich in phytoestrogens - natural plant chemicals which mimic female hormones. In Britain there is even a company called Wellfoods who are commercialising it.

It may or may not prove to be the ‘miracle’ you need, but you won't know till you've tried!

Nimsy is the webmaster for the Natural Menopause website which has information, descriptions, dosages and side effects of the most popular menopause remedies.


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