Is Menopause Itching Driving You Mad!


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Menopause and itching is an issue that can cause plenty of debate between those experiencing the symptoms and the medical profession. However, for women experiencing at times, almost unbearable episodes of itching and in some cases, over several years, and being told it's all in their head is not what they want to hear.

Itching And Menopause

Yes, itching and menopause is a real issue but it seems the problem is associating sudden episodes of itching with menopause. Itchy eyes, armpits, arms, thighs and legs. Descriptions such as “it feels like my skin is crawling with insects" seem all too common.

There have been suggestions episodes of itching could be associated with allergic reactions to some foods or even quitting smoking and caffeine related drinks but for women over 40, the one common denominator could be it's a symptom of menopause.

So what can you do? The obvious answer here is to visit your doctor and describe the symptoms being experienced. The problem is, many doctors are often baffled to come up with any logical explanation which leaves many women searching for alternatives.

Alternative Treatments

Menopause itching is handled differently by individual women. Some just grin and bear it and hope it goes away. But this can prove a fruitless exercise especially if the symptoms last for several years. Others resort to lotions and moisturizers with some success while homeopathic solutions in many cases, have proven successful. Detoxing is another solution which is not too common but could provide some much needed relief.

The Common Denominator

Menopause itching seems to correlate with episodes of hot flashes. The itching is normally due to dry skin and can be intense for elongated periods of time. Hormone replacement therapy is the obvious solution when the skin becomes dry due to a lack of estrogen but many women are loathe to have HRT. This is understandable as it's an optional treatment method and many choose to seek alternative treatment.

Helpful Solution For Menopause Itching

Whether your itching is related to menopause symptoms or not the worst thing a woman can do is suffer in silence. It's amazing how many women seem to just grin and bear itching episodes when they've exhausted traditional medical options. Joining a women's health forum is a smart alternative.

Going online an doing a search for a women's health forum is a great first step. When you are presented with forum options, check to seem how many members are listed and if membership numbers are in the hundreds or even thousands, then sign up and read through the posts. When you feel confident enough to make a post, highlight your problem and ask if other women are experiencing the same problem and if they've found a workable solution.

Don't worry about losing your anonymity as joining a forum under a pseudonym is normal practice and your identity is well protected. Menopause and itching is a frustrating time for many women but suffering in silence is not always the best option.

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