Will a Breast Enhancement Cream Really Add Size?


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In the world of alternative therapies, breast enhancement cream has recently emerged as a supposed way to increase breast size. Unfortunately, such creams are often ineffective. The makers of these products say that the application of topical creams stimulates cell growth in the mammary glands. It sounds almost too good to be true…and it most likely is.

One major problem with breast enlargement cream is the ineffectual method of application. Topical applications are always the least efficient method to introduce a substance into the body; the percentage absorbed into the skin and blood is tiny. It is left susceptible to being rubbed off. More importantly, there is little or no evidence of topical breast enhancement cream actually working. Invasive and potentially complicated breast enhancement surgery is often too risky or expensive, but there are other ways to maximize your breast size without wasting money on ineffective creams.

There are dozens of products on the market for enhancing breast size, and one that has shown the most promise as far as anecdotal evidence is concerned are herbal enhancers. Instead of a topical application, a supplement is swallowed and uses natural ingredients to stimulate the growth of breast tissue. Unlike artificially stimulating cell growth as breast enhancement cream does, supplements mimic the body's natural processes of puberty. Often, breast enhancing supplements use a plant estrogen that is non-hormonal so that side effects are minimized. Other than that, it functions just like estrogen does during puberty, causing breast tissue to grow and firm up for fuller breasts.

Breast enhancement cream relies on untried and untested theories to achieve results; though it may sound attractive because it is not invasive at all, the fact remains that it is non-invasive to the point of being not effective. It takes more than just a topical cream to achieve real results, and herbal breast enhancement as a supplement is one way to achieve real results. These supplements use real and active body processes, combined with natural ingredients to safely and healthfully increase breast size and firmness, unlike breast enlargement cream which relies on unscientific methods that do not produce actual results.

Breast enhancement cream is little more than a waste of money. Breast enhancement is possible, however, and supplements offer every woman a safe affordable way to realize her dream of a more sensual figure. As with any herbal supplement, your physician should be consulted before you embark on an herbal regimen.

Stan Rogers is an alternative health researcher and an expert in natural healing. He is a contributor to many health sites, including the Natural Breast Enhancement section of http://naturalprofiles.com , a site dedicated to conventional and alternative enlargement strategies and therapies.


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Breast Enhancement Before and After - Proof of Positive Enhancement?
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