New Years Resolutions in November


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For many people the year ends in November even though the calendar still says 2006. After Halloween, the ‘holiday rush’ begins as we prepare for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Our schedules quickly fill up with office parties and family gatherings and before we know it the year is over.

This feeling of the ‘holiday rush’ inevitably leads us to say “I’m not going to start anything new right now since I know I’ll be eating all the wrong foods with all these functions coming up. I’ll make my New Years Resolutions and start in January. ”

If this describes how you feel then rest assured that there is hope for you to change your thinking right now instead of waiting for the calendar to determine when you should.

Here are 5 steps to help you easily transition into 2007.

1. Write down the areas in which you think you will fail, with solutions clearly outlined and read them every day. This is an acknowledgement of your weaknesses and the steps to take in order to avoid failure. This brings your weaknesses to your conscious mind so you may take action steps to avoid failure rather than feel sorry for yourself afterwards. If this is difficult for you to do it is an indication of deeply ingrained habits which have to be addressed first.

2. The fact that it is a new year should not be as big a deal as we make it. Where is it written that any new steps need to be started when the calendar changes versus when we are mentally, emotionally and physically ready to create the changes in our lives? The calendar year changing is simply cause for a minor celebration without any major disruption in schedule to those who, for whatever reason, follow the lunar calendar. FYI: The lunar year starts at the end of January next year.

3. Your resolutions will take on a deeper meaning if you change the word resolutions to goals. It sounds much more meaningful to say “My goal for the next month is to lose 10lbs” Goals are meant to be reached and are strived toward with vigor and a competitive attitude. For many, resolutions are not a solid action statement and are not followed through as much as goals are.

4. There will always be something that gets in the way. Whether it is real or imagined, there will always be an excuse that we can come up with for not doing something. Have you found yourself asking where the day went, where the season went or even where the year went? As humans we have an amazing capacity for rationalization when we fail to follow through with our actions. December is filled with holiday parties and junk food. January is the middle of winter and too cold to exercise. February is Valentines Day and chocolates are all over the place. March is Easter and St. Patty’s day and we certainly cannot start anything new then. This is how it goes every month until December arrives again seemingly suddenly and we start the process all over again. Is it any wonder then that we never seem to move forward in our lives?

5. There is no good or best time to start making changes. Waiting for the New Year or new month or new season is nothing more than procrastination and needs to nipped right away. You should also not wait till you have more time or more money because that day never seems to come either. Make the decision now; spend the money on the resources you need, spend the time putting the steps into action and you will be on the way to the you that you desire before you realize it.

There are many resources available to you and there is no reason to procrastinate. Start by visiting our site and invest in what you need to get started. The New Year will be here before we know it. Why not greet it with a new attitude, new habits and a desire to truly make New Year’s Resolutions and goals that you can easily reach and even exceed in 2007.

Dr. H is a holistic physician who teaches how to change your health and your life, one step at a time. He personally checks numerous products on the market before making these resources available for purchase on his site. Visit his health related site at to download your free copy of ‘Goal Setting For Success’.


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New Years Resolutions - Why People Quit
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