No Cure For Cellulite, Learn To Live With It

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For a woman who is concerned about cellulite, you must have find out all about the facts of cellulite : - they are ugly deposits of fat, water and waste trapped in the fibrous, connective tissue just beneath the skin, thereby giving a lumpy, rippled appearance when we pinch our skin. What's more upsetting is that women are more likely to be affected by cellulite than men.

Cellulite is an irritable problem because they are found in areas difficult to exercise, like thighs, buttocks, breasts and abdomen. It is difficult to remove cellulite. Fact.

Some women do not give up. They approach experts’ help to remove the unwanted cellulite. However, don't be fooled by these so-called 100% effective methods as they are temporary solutions which could really disappoint you in the end.

1. Creams and lotions

Advertisements claimed that such creams are able to improve cellulite by melting away fats, improving circulation, and removing toxins because of the herbal extracts, caffeine and vitamins in them. Though this method is the easiest and cheapest, there is very little evidence that they work. Some creams may cause skin allergic reactions.

2. Pills

Like creams, many pills containing vitamins, herbal or plant extracts claimed to be the removal agents for cellulite. Again, very little evidence shows their effectiveness. Instead, overdose of such pills often lead to malfunction of our organs, and in some serious cases, death.

3. Skin Wrapping

May or may not use with creams or lotions, this approach uses a skin wrap eg transparent film sheet to wrap the cellulite areas tightly for a period of time. It claims to “melt" the fats by applying pressure and heat on the affected areas but the effectiveness is yet to be proven.

4. Liposuction

Liposuction is said to be effective in removal of fat at deeper level and body contouring. However, the fat in cellulite is very superficial and distributed in small fibrous septa compartments. It cannot be easily removed by liposuction. In fact, by removing the deeper fat cushion beneath the fibrous septa compartments, cellulite may get worse.

5. Mesotherapy

This approach involves injecting medications and/or plant extracts into layers of fats which will stimulate the metabolism of fat cells and accelerate their elimination. Though this treatment is gaining popularity, there is actually very little data on efficacy and safety. The formulation used in injections has not been standardized and some clinics or weight management centers are not licensed to perform such injections. Thus, it comes no surprise that allergic or irritant reactions and infections have been reported with mesotherapy.

6. Massage therapy

Some massage system work, but only temporary. Usually, you will be asked to sign up for 10 to 20 intensive sessions, followed by maintenance sessions once or twice a month. The effect will soon be lost without the maintenance sessions.

During these sessions, high-tech machines, sometimes coupled with infra-red or radiofrequency energy are often used to massage on the affected areas so as to expedite the metabolism of fats and improving the elasticity of fibrous septa and fat. Cellulite will only improve after multiple treatments and appearance must be maintained with ongoing treatments.

Think about this ladies, if any of the methods above really works 100%, would we still worry about cellulite?

Does dieting and exercise helps?

Sad to say, dieting and exercise can help but they can't totally solve the cellulite problem.

That's because cellulite is basically a genetic, hormonal and anatomic problem. It signals poor lymphatic circulation which allows wastes to accumulate. It is heredity, meaning the loose connective tissues are inherited from our mothers. It also has to do with our age. That's why skinny women may have this problem too.

However, Dieticians/Nutritionists still recommend that you exercise regularly and eat a low-fat, high-fiber diet. Exercise helps to build tone and muscle, which makes the skin looks firmer and improve blood circulation. A diet high in insoluble fiber with lots of water helps to wash out the waste from our system.

Whether you like it or not, cellulite is here to stay. We just had to learn to live with it.

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