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High Heeled Shoes - 10 Confidence Boosters On Wearing High Heels


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10 Tips on Heelz

Worried about walking in high heels? Try these confidence boosters.

1. Don't be afraid of platforms. They give added height, security, and extra stability. Find a classy platform with a wide heel to keep a jazzy look. Find a platform with a slim heel and a rise no more than .5 inches to keep business/dressy look.

2. Wear wedges. Wedges also give the same height, with more security than a platform. The wedge restricts movement of the heel, decreasing the chances of sudden heel shifting and mobility. Try a non cloth, mule wedge with slim straps to keep a business/professional look.

3. Practice! Yes, believe it or not, this really works! Try walking around on carpet in your heels for a few days before wearing them in public. Just do the things that you would normally do, dishes, cleaning, take out the trash, go to the mailbox or simply walking around your living room. Stairs are great if you have them. This help you to familiarize yourself with the shoes, the intricacies, and movements of the heels, so that when you do go into public, you know what to expect.

4. If your shoes have a smooth bottom, scuff the heels first. This will reduce the chances of you slipping.

5. Buy shoes that have ‘no slip grip’ on the bottom. This will also reduce your chances of slipping, possibly increasing your confidence level.

6. Start with a low heel and work your way up. Start with a 2.5 inch heel. Walk in them consistently for an hour each day. This will help to build your calf muscles, which is the primary muscle working when you wear heels. After 2 weeks, move to a 3 inch heel, practicing the same. Then move to a 3.5 inch heel, practicing the same. Then move to a 4 inch heel. Before you know it, you will be a high heel shoe diva!

7. Make sure the shoes fit comfortably!!! This is absolutely key. Now seriously, don't try to get a pair of shoes, a half size too small and make them fit. This is not healthy, for you feet, legs, back, or shoulders. Ensuring the your shoes fit helps the aforementioned keep properly aligned. Furthermore, ensure that your shoulders, back, and posture stay straight up and erect. Walk with the confidence God gave you. Know that you are beautiful and each day is God's way of showing you love and mercy. Be thankful, know that He loves your and you are His, show it in your posture. Walking slumped over is not good, high heels or flats, so straighten up ladies and walk with confidence!

8. Wear cushions. Dr. School's makes great inserts for ladies shoes. I favor the gel inserts for the balls of the foot. They are clear, therefore unnoticeable, and extremely comfy. They reduce the shock to the balls of your feet and lower back.

9. Hide the height. . . . . . . . . There are shoes made with hidden platforms and rises at the ball of the foot to decrease arch stretch. These are cool and comfortable fake outs.

10. Take care of your feet. Get pedicures regularly. I have learned my lesson! It is not just about making your feet look pretty, but about making them feel good. Good pedicures allow the legs and feet to be massaged, increasing circulation, critical for good foot health. Dead skin and hard spots should also be removed, leaving you with soft, supple feet, ready for walking.

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High Heels Can Help
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