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A few weeks ago I had an amazing opportunity and interview two fabulous Doctors. Dr. John Miklos and Dr. Robert Moore. The two gentlemen are going beyond their medical expertise. Dr. Miklos and Dr. Moore are completely passionate to enhance women lives and make it a total quality at all times. And they truly do. I was totally moved by their vision, by their determination and their mission to continue to teach and train others around the world to follow their amazing venture and noble purpose.

There is so much unknown when we ask the question. Why does a woman during her menopause go frigid? Why is she depressed? Where does the weight issue come from? And why do they stay away from looking into the mirror and see their reflection clearly? Why do women at all ages experience the lack of feeling feminine? Why do women give up on enjoying each and every day by simply being one?

The reasons are obvious to so many of us out there, however in addition to what we think we know, or programmed or simply educated on there could be other hidden physical reasons as well.

Women may experience this physical aspect at all ages; From 18 to 60 and over, after giving birth to a child or more or during her change of life or the time in between those years. How they behave towards their sensuality and the reaction towards intimacy does impact their lives and the reality they face day to day.

Dr. Miklos and Dr. Moore perform miracle procedures “LASER Vaginal Rejuvenation" and the woman who once gave up on her femininity is now becoming a NEW WOMAN.

So we ask the question why is that so important? A woman becomes empowered by her femininity and her sensuality by acting as one. A woman must SHINE always. She is the center of the home. She must feel great about who she is? And most importantly HOW SHE IS?

The identity of a woman is magical when we she can express love, passion and gives with a fantastic attitude, cool and wrapped with confidence and the joy for living. And it touches others around her.

A great connection built with intimacy, laughter, the joy for life, open mind and understand challenges will create a better home, an improved relationship with children and needless to say a strong lasting bond with their partners regardless to challenges and obstacles presented.

A dinner out to a fancy restaurant, a dance, a new car, a big diamond ring, or a trip anywhere will be only a temporary high. We as women can smile more often and flow with a steady notion, feeling great, look great and radiant at all times. It can be done when we are aware and connected well with our femininity.

I strongly suggest to all women around the world, look beyond the mirror and don't be afraid to ask the proper questions, educate yourself and never settle for less.

We are born and created naturally to enjoy our femininity throughout the process of aging and don't give it up. It is your right to ENJOY LIFE FULLY OUTSIDE IN AND INSIDE OUT.

Reality can be the best dream ever when we know how to live it!!!!!!!!!!! Continue dreaming through your REALITY.

Ana Weber

Ana Weber is a professional speaker, a relationship coach, author and freelance journalist. Her passion is to bring out the SHINE in others. We are all original as she says and there is no reason why should we concentrate on our lack? or what where the improvement is needed to reach perfection. The key is to appreciate and acknowledge the HAVE while in the process enjoy every step of the way. Find your WHY? YOUR GOAL AND YOUR REASON and go with it. Written by Ana Weber

Ana Weber was born in Romania and presently she lives in California.

Ana Weber appeared in numerous nationwide television inteviews, featured in magazines and newspapers and heard on the radio around the world. She is a genuine people lover.


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