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The Risks Of Abortion


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Forgetting about the moral and legal debates on whether or not abortion should be allowed, there are physical risks associated with abortion that people, in these arguments, seem to be forgetting. In this article we're going to point out just a few of these risks, all of which are extremely serious and some even life threatening.

The complete list of the risks of abortion is long, but why don't we start with the complications that you can experience right after the abortion itself. These complications cover a wide range of problems including tearing of the uterus, infection, endotoxic shock and even complications from the anesthesia itself. The statistics for these and many other complications aren't horrible, but they do exist. About 10% of women who have abortions have complications and about 2% of them are life threatening.

Even if an abortion doesn't lead to immediate complications, there are other things that can occur down the road that are just as serious if not more so. For starters, a woman who has had an abortion has a greater risk of developing breast cancer later on in life. The statistics show that the risk almost doubles after a first trimester abortion.

It doesn't end there. Women who have abortions also have a greater risk of getting cervical, ovarian or liver cancer later on in life. While medical science is not exactly sure why this is, theories are that it is because of the unnatural disruption of the hormonal changes that occur during the pregnancy as a result of the abortion. More studies are being done to confirm this.

The statistics also show that teenagers who have abortions have a 30% higher risk of having complications following an abortion or long term health problems than women who are older. Again, it is not quite known exactly why this is the case, but the statistics don't lie. Teenage abortion is extremely risky.

For whatever reason, and maybe this is a psychological after effect from having an abortion, but many young women who have abortions go on to leading lives where they take up smoking, drinking, taking drugs and other activities that are deemed socially unacceptable. Eating disorders are also very common among women who have had abortions early in life.

Probably the worst long term problem resulting from abortion is that a large percentage of women who have had abortions have very difficult pregnancies later in life should they decide to have children. There is a much greater risk of what is called an ectopic pregnancy, which can be life threatening.

This short list is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to abortion risks, but I think the point has been made. Many people talk about the risks to the mother if she goes through with the pregnancy. Well, maybe it's time that somebody pointed out the risks to the mother if she doesn't go through with the pregnancy.

The risks of abortion are there and as clear as day.

To YOUR Health,

Steve Wagner

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