Hot Flashes - Is It Hot In Here Or Is It Just Me?

Felicia A. Williams

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Come along on this journey for a moment. Imagine this:

You're sitting in a business lunch meeting with a bunch of young chippies (definition of young chippie - anyone younger than you by more than 10 years). You keep yourself in shape and no one really knows how old you are. You're feeling real good about yourself. Your weight is down, you workout, yeah. . . lookin’ good. Things are going fine and then all of a sudden, you notice your forearm is sticking to the napkin. Whew, did someone turn up the heat?

You look up and scan the room, everyone else is buttoning up their sweaters and jackets complaining that the air conditioner is up too high. You, on the other hand, open the button to your business jacket only to display wet spots around the neck of your silk blouse.

Yikes! It is just you. You're having a hot flash! Oh no, please Lord, not now! You search in your jacket pocket for a tissue to inconspicuously dab at the beads of sweat that are forming on your brow. Uh oh, now you feel your legs sticking to the chair. Quick, you've got to excuse yourself and go to the ladies room.

Oh no, your skirt is stuck to the back of your legs. Hmm, how do you save face, do you back out of the room? Wait, an idea. . . you accidentally spill a glass of cold water all over your expensive skirt. Yeah, that's the ticket. Here it goes. . . oops. “Oh, please excuse me. "

You scurry to the ladies room. You look in the mirror and are alarmed to see your face flushed, mascara running down your cheek and wet hair stuck to outline of your face. You know for a fact that the chippies are chuckling. Everyone at the table knew you had a hot flash and are sitting their guessing your age.

Okay, I was a little dramatic. Now back to reality.

I was shocked earlier in the week to start having the undesirable and somewhat embarrassing hot flashes. It surprised me because I try to take good care of myself. I knew that for a period of a few weeks, my diet had deteriorated. One excuse after another. . . a little white flour here, some sugar there, not drinking enough water for a few days and finally totally abandoning my juicing ritual. For me, this was the perfect recipe for bringing on hot flashes.

It took me a little while to equate the flashes to my taking a taxi cab down the wrong nutritional road. After three or four days of sweating through everything I owned, I said “No more". I stopped with the white flour, cut back on sugar, started drinking water and most of all, got back to juicing my veggies. (When I don't have time to juice, I drink Green Vibrance).

Once back on the right nutritional track, the flashes lessened. Within three or four days, they were reduced to an unpleasant memory

It is my belief that hot flashes are a function of what we eat. Do I have scientific proof? No, but I know what worked for me. If you are suffering from hot flashes, try cleaning up your diet. It just might save you from pouring cold water on your expensive skirt.

That's my two cents and I'm sticking with it.

Felicia Williams is a freelance writer and owner/webmaster of the family oriented site Tidbits and Stuff and the Hudson Valley travel guide site Visit Hudson Valley


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