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Why Do So Many Women Suffer From Yeast Infections/Candidiasis


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Yeast infections now effect 75% of women at one time in their lives. 50% of women have at least 2 yeast infections, and 5% of women will suffer with recurrent yeast infections. If you’ve ever had a yeast infection you’ll know how uncomfortable they are, and if you’re in the 5% you’ll know how stubborn they can be. Learning what can cause them could save you the discomfort of future infections flaring up.


Antibiotics are by far the biggest cause of all types of yeast infections. That includes Candidiasis which is usually the term used for a yeast infection of the digestive tract.

Antibiotics kill all the bacteria in your body which leaves no defense when the Candida yeast begins to repopulate. With the modern-day diet that is high in sugar and refined carbohydrates the Candida yeast is given it’s favorite food so it repopulates a lot faster than your friendly, beneficial bacteria.

Once the Candida yeast starts to take over your digestive tract and/or vagina it is allowed to turn into it’s fungal form. It then grows hooks, known as ryzoids, and gets a good hold off your vaginal walls or intestines. This is when you will start to get the symptoms of vaginal itch and soreness.


Symptoms from intestinal candidiasis are not so easy to spot, and can be a cause of a lot of ill health. Some of the symptoms can include…

Gas and bloating Indigestion Lethargy Lack of concentration Depression Poor memory Aching joints Irritability And many more

Help yourself

You can help yourself and prevent these symptoms from occurring after a course of antibiotics by repopulating your digestive tract as soon as you finish your course of pills.


The easiest way to repopulate your intestines is with a probiotic supplement. You can get probiotic capsules from your local health food store or eat a plain, live yogurt every day.

If you go for the capsules you need to make sure you get one that is of good quality so it puts the bacteria in your large intestines where it’s needed most. Some of the cheaper brands won’t get past you stomach acid, and aren’t really that good.

Powdered forms of probiotics are usually the best as these are cultured to survive your stomach acid and get all the way to your large intestine where they will attach themselves to the wall of your intestines.

Probiotics are an excellent way to keep your intestines in good health even if you don’t suffer from yeast infections. So many women could be preventing themselves from the symptoms of vaginal yeast infections with the right approach to their health. Doctors don’t seem to provide this education so it’s always a case of finding out for yourself from a book or on the internet.

For more detailed information of the causes and natural cures for intestinal and vaginal yeast infections visit -


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