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Breast Enhancement Surgery Problems And Natural Alternatives


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For the past several years, breast enlargement surgery has been a massively popular way for women to gain a fuller breast size. However as the number of women who choose this invasive surgery increases, so do the reported cases of side effects and other problems. These unexpected issues often require further surgery to remedy the situation.

Here we will briefly review some of the potential side effects to know about when considering breast enlargement surgery. Then we will review the natural alternatives that offer a safer approach to breast enlargement.

History and Popularity

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), breast enlargement surgyer was the fourth most common invasive operation out of all surgical procedures in the year 2000. The ASPS declared in a press release on July 12, 2001 that breast enlargement surgery was completed on 212,500 women in the year before.

However, not all surgeries are successful. While the popularity seems to grow without signs of slowing down, millions of women have sufferred from ruptures, spills and infections from the implants they purchased in good faith.

Facts and Figures About Breast Implant Surgery

Just one year ago in 2006, the FDA lifted a 14 year ban on silicone breast implants because of the millions of women who protested the ban so they could undergo the surgery.

If for some reason one of your breast implants has been ruptured, you will receive no coverage under Health Insurance.

Breast implants filles with saline liquid have a much higher rate of rupture and leakage than silicone gel implants, which can mean frequent trips to the doctor to replace them, as well as more costs to maintain them.

A study was recently published study in the Lanacet medical journal with Dr Lori Brown of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reporting that its now more often agreed between surgeons and researchers that the incidence of breast implants rupturing is happening at an ever higher rate.

Women who have breast implants are 21% more likely to develop breast cancer than women of the same age who do not have them.

A study from Boston University compared saline and gel implants to other plastic surgery procedures to see which was more dangerous. The research revealed that breast implant surgery patients are three times more likely to die from lung cancer, emphysema and come down with pneumonia than other plastic surgery patients.

These findings only tell a brief summary of the problems women have faced over breast implant surgery. It’s becoming obvious why more women are turning to all natural breast enlargement options such as herbal supplements and natural exercises.

Women with small breasts or lactation problems have discovered programs like Breast Gain Plus, which contains several herbal ingredients that work to increase and lift up a woman’s breasts, as well as improve the contour of her breasts.

Sandra Richardson is a nutritionist who writes about women's health issues. You can read more about natural breast enhancement by visiting her women's health website at


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