Hair Analysis - Test Showing Your Vitamin Excess and Deficits a With Solution to Decrease Symptoms

Karon Gibson

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Hair Analysis in a little known yet interesting noninvasive test to determine vitamin excess or deficiencies in the body. If you are feeling fatigued, irritable or suffer from aches and pains, you may have too much of a toxic substance in your body that can be easily eliminated after hair testing. This requires on l teaspoon of hair (a little from each of 3 places in the back of the head cut from near the root) sent in the mail to AmericaNurse for laboratory testing to determine Calcium, magnesium, copper, mercury and aluminum levels as well as other levels.

You may not eliminate certain elements properly causing the excess to affect your memory, your ability to sleep and eat. Other symptoms may include ultra sensitive hearing of fireworks or appliances running loud that irritate you; cravings such as chocolate or others due to lack of certain things in your cells. This is a great indicator of your well being.

While a blood test tells about that certain moment when your body is balancing itself; this hair test will tell you about solid waste from your system. Some people had found cadmium which may be from smoking or even having car batteries around or cobalt or even toxins from their dental fillings. The best news is that these can be eliminated by taking certain vitamins as vehicles to eliminate them. Deficits such as zinc in the body can cause nail to split or hair to fall out. All of this and more can be sent in as easy to read report with information on what you should or should not eat depending on your own metabolism and symptoms.

There is now a trend toward addition of possible additives in our foods which can lead to poor metabolism and we need to know how to eliminate them. Seniors often reflect a better reading than younger children who eat poorly. This is an easy way to find out just what your relatives have inherited as well as yourself.

Depression, poor behavior and inability to study often show that children have deficiencies in their diet leading to upsetting behavior.

Karon Gibson, R. N. CCM is a Registered Nurse with entrepreneurial skills. She has been the ER Charge Nurse and Psychiatric Head Nurse in Hospitals as well as the creator and President of an Independent Nursing Practice Business in Home Care and Consulting. As an occupational health Nurse, she worked with many TV stations and major motion pictures such as Risky Business, Doctor Detroit and others. She has written newspaper columns in Chicago. As winner of many awards in business and Nursing, she has provided a forum for the public to learn new and innovative health care trends and options in natural health health on TV and radio. As coauthor of Nurses On Our Own, she offers inside information and insight on the health care system. As a speaker on Nursing and Business as well as A CPR for crime, she has taught men, women, children and seniors much information on wellness as well as illness. She has a wealth of information on alternative care treatments such as endermology, reflexology and irology.

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