The Benefits Of A Menopause Remedy


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My grandmother was a very wise woman and wasn't afraid to share information with me about life and it's offerings. So when I asked her about what my mother was going through, namely menopause and whether there was a remedy she knew about which could help her better deal with this natural stage in a woman's life, she simply told me one of the best menopause remedies was to prepare for it mentally.

Most women shun the thought of menopause and refuse to even discuss it. Maybe it represents getting old and that's the reason many aren't mentally prepared for it when it comes knocking. But a woman thinking she's old just because menopause arrives is far from the truth. It should represent the start of one of the most productive and exciting times of her life.

Alternatives To HRT

For sometime now, the medical approach to menopause remedy has been the most widely accepted course of treatment with doctors giving women the option of hormone replacement therapy or HRT to help alleviate the symptoms. Today, there are other options now available.

While HRT has had it's place and been very effective in most cases, questions have arisen as to the long term effects of such hormone replacement treatment. Risks include the possibility of blood clotting, increased cancer risks, and a multitude of smaller, unpronounced symptoms brought on by HRT and have swayed women to look for more natural remedies offering less in the way of side effects.

Natural Menopause Remedy

If you are reading this then you are well aware of the symptoms associated with menopause. So are there alternatives to HRT? Going natural has been the way many women have decided to go. Soy products have surfaced as an effective source of natural ingredients to help alleviate symptoms. For example, soy based products are said to be high in phytoestrogens which mimic the estrogen within our bodies.

Products such as tofu and soybean milk provide a steady supply of phytoestrogens. It will pay you if you are thinking of going down this route to speak with a qualified nutritionist about the benefits of natural remedy. In fact, doctors today are also becoming a lot more versed in natural remedy treatments and could point you in the right direction.

Are there any drawbacks to natural treatment methods? The most notable will be the fact they are slower working than HRT and sometimes it may take several weeks to begin to gain the benefits from their use. Recommended soy intake should be cleared with your doctor however, 30-40 grams represents a safe amount according to studies.

Natural Menopause Remedy

Just because a product is natural doesn't mean it cannot cause harm. Too much of anything will always hurt you in some way so be very prudent when deciding to go the natural route. Used in conjunction with traditional treatment may be a good alternative.

It's also important to remember when going natural, continuing the use of substances such as alcohol or cigarettes could negate any benefits you are hoping to gain from this treatment. Natural remedies generally take a little time to begin having benefits and using the above substances would simply slow down their effectiveness.

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