The Mother’s Pregnancy and Obesity


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The joy of being a mom is incomparable; but the joy of a woman having a lovely body is another thing.

Most women have the misconception that once you have your baby, then it is only normal to not be to able to return to your original slim-figure. This may be correct, but only in part. The amount of weight gained after childbirth is determined ‘normal’ only under set considerations. What the new mom needs to know first is to realize that there may be a possible correlation between her pregnancy and obesity.

The correlation between pregnancy and obesity is only recently thought of by research experts studying obesity. The pregnancy and obesity factor is often overshadowed by the improper eating habits cause of abnormal weight gain. Yet the pregnancy and obesity focus may prove as a lot more consequential according to various aspects.

First, determining the connection of pregnancy and obesity with the change in the woman’s body after childbirth may also point to other health risks other than obesity per se. Sudden excessive weight gain during post-partum may reflect- complications during pregnancy, stress incontinence or urine outflow, poor female reproductive health, or psychological disorders such as depression.

The last health risk in a mother undergoing weight gain could be considered as double-edged. As a woman’s body changes due to weight gain from pregnancy, more weight gain may result even more as effect of the weight gain.

On the other hand, while a woman may have low-self esteem due to apprehensions on her body-image after giving birth, she may also have more serious problems contributing to her weight-gain. It should also be noted that a woman may have emotional and psychosomatic disorders of coping up with the stresses of ‘being-a-mother’ hence leading to food binges, disrupted body mechanisms, weight gain, and eventually – to obesity.

In addition, some women also assume that fats accumulated from pregnancy will never disappear and that efforts to lose them would only leave them in vain. What they fail to realize though is that it normally takes up to only a good 9-months to get back to the weight prior to pregnancy. The go-slow approach-effort to after-pregnancy weight loss then, is best for the mother in order to give her body some time to recover after child-bearing.

While it may be acceptable for women to have the tendency to neglect the problem of weight gain as priority once placed side by side all her responsibilities of being a mother, a mother must still give her self a chance to have the beautiful healthy body that she deserves – while also bearing in mind that the health of the mother is also the health of her baby.

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