America's Overweight and Unhealthy!


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In today’s society… the world revolves around what is convenient for him or herself instead of nutrition and getting the proper nutritional value your body needs! With a busy and hectic lifestyle these days, most families depend on both the husband and wife to be in the workforce, in order to keep up with the lifestyle one’s accustomed too. But how does this affect our kids and our health?

While many parents work outside the home or work late, it is often we tend to lean towards getting a quick fix and turn to drive-thru’s or our favorite take out for dinner and sometimes even lunch. How much nutritional value do you believe you receive from that greasy pizza or cheeseburger?

Let’s do a quick test and see where you rate on eating out? Have you stopped to see how often you went out for a meal this week? How about last week? How many times do you think you went out for breakfast, lunch or dinner last month as a total? How much did each meal cost? So, what is your running total? I bet, if you stopped to calculate what you have spent for an entire month, you could probably pay off a small credit card, make a car payment, pay your insurance premium in full…I could go on!

With today’s convenient way of living, it is much easier to go by your favorite fast food restaurant and feed yourself or your family, but at what cost? Physically, you can not see the potential damage done within your body or theirs’. Without the proper nutrition, vitamins, and minerals ones’ body needs, it is impossible to fuel your body correctly.

This article is meant for you to stop and think about what is better for you… that cheeseburger or a homemade dinner at home with salad? It is all about preparation! Prepare your meals a week in advance. Meal planning and preparation will help you all around, first and foremost, your health, which will provide the proper nutrition your body needs with the essential vitamins and minerals plus an added benefit: Your Budget! Not eating out so much will increase your grocery budget as well as your pocket book! Pay off some of that unwanted debt and start living better by way of nutrition, exercise and getting out of debt!

For more information on how to obtain a better lifestyle with nutrition try visiting , a website that specializes in providing tips, advice and resources on vitamins and minerals to include how to live a happier, healthy life.


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