There Is No Reason For Children To Be Obese


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Everywhere you go these days you see kids who are clinically obese and it’s horrific and worse, easily preventable. If parents allow their children to become obese then they are bad parents, it’s as simple as that. Regardless of whether the parents themselves are obese, children should never get to the stage where they are suffering from obesity. Children follow the example that their families set and the worst possible example parents can set is a bad attitude towards food. People who allow their children to become seriously overweight without taking steps to prevent it should be investigated for cruelty to children.

The eating habits of children are set when they are very young and the site of their parents stuffing their faces with anything edible gives them the idea that this is acceptable behaviour. This then saddles them with the perception that being obese and lazy is normal, because that’s what their parents are like. Children used to be encouraged to eat their vegetables and play around outside, but this has changed. Now the slob parents tell their kids to sit down and shut up and juts play whatever games won’t make them move around and make a noise.

These terrible parents stuff their kids with sweets and snacks to make them stay quite, in effect sedating them. This sets up a lazy pattern of life. In effect what they’re saying is don’t bother doing physical things when you can just sit on your fat behind and be lazy like your parents. Children’s formative years are now composed of junk food, television, computers and as little actual movement as humanly possible. Being obese is a terrible thing to be, but inflicting your life and eating choices on your children is far worse. You are setting them up for a life that is as awful and illness ridden as yours is instead of encouraging them to have a healthy enjoyable life.

The consequences of being obese are far reaching, far more so for children than for adults. There are diseases and illnesses that you are inflicting on your child by not preventing them from becoming obese. Your children will suffer from heart disease and cancer and become a burden on the health services long after you have died from obesity related diseases yourself. If you ask any parent whether they would inflict diseases and illness on their children they should say absolutely not, but by allowing your child to become obese that’s exactly what you’re doing. This is in addition to all the mental problems that can come from self-confidence issues related to weight as well as being teased and bullied because of their weight.

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