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Ronald McDonald, A Psychedelic Serial Killer?


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Is Ronald McDonald a phsycadelic serial killer who wears dark eye shadow and carries a two-foot knife in his back pocket? At least that’s the way that the documentary movie, “Super Size Me, " likes to depict him.

Sure McDonalds food isn’t particularly good for you, but should we really be blaming the fast food restaurants for our world weight problems. Perhaps all that we need instead is a little bit of self-control when it comes to food and avoid going straight for the fast food every time the lunch bell rings. However, many people would argue with me that McDonalds advertising is just, “in your face, ” everywhere and so persuading that it’s almost impossible to resist. Well here’s a story of my own experience for you that will bust this advertising myth.

I actually work at McDonalds part time as one of the cooks out the back. Well do you think that even with a 50% discount on all the food that I eat there all the time? To tell you the truth I have not once eaten McDonalds since I started working there. Come to think of it yesterday I left work and went to a healthy food store and ate there instead. I’m not the only one either. I have a few friends that work with me who have managed to gain some self-control and willpower to avoid eating the food. So don’t tell me it’s impossible to resist.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying don’t eat McDonalds or other fast foods at all. What I’m saying is that we should avoid eating fast food for every meal. It’s all right to have McDonalds every now and again. Even just a few times a week is fine. It’s not as if Ronald McDonald is going to knock on your door with his horror movie like features holding a 2 foot knife in his murderous paws ready to strike at the slightest mention of fat. However, if you’re not careful and you stuff your face with fast food everyday for every meal then he might actually turn up one day at your doorstep when you’re arteries clog up like an oil rig.

So be warned. Next time you see that McDonalds advertisement just think about it for a second. You don’t have to be consumed by the sight of the big juicy Big Mac display or the sight of steaming French fries. After all the sole purpose of the advertisements is just to persuade you and draw you into their store like a herd of cattle. Have some willpower and be one of the minority that can resist the temptation.

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