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I am fat, am obese, am not slim, am not good looking, is a phrase we commonly hear by the people of all ages, so to understand the issue first of all we have to know the psychology of being fat or obese. We admit the fact that the slim bodies are considered healthier and smarter to fat bodies but the real problem is not a look and feel factor, being fat or obese is a health hazard. Now I would like to mention some of the hazards of being fat or obese.

- Obese persons are very much prone to Heart attack problems due to narrowing of heart arteries which increase the blood pressure.

- Fat people are very much prone to breathing problems due to deposition of fat over bronchi leading to asthma.

- Obese patients are also prone to arthritis due to deposition of fat over bones and joints.

- Obese patients are also prone to several digestive problems.

- Obese patients get the ageing soon, or a premature death.

- Obese patients are also prone to diabetes.

- Overweight issue also affects the normal life of an individual.

Besides this there are several other health hazards caused due to obesity.

Now the question arises how I will come to know that I am obese or not, for this there is a simple Body Mass Calculator (www.obesitysurgeries.com ) where you could check your body fat and could yourself find your obesity stats. So what is if you are not obese, that’s good but don’t take it so easy if you are not obese, because in this modern world almost each and every person is prone to obesity this is mainly due to life style change, my advice to the people who are not obese are :

- Do physical exercises regularly.

- Do Yoga regularly (this is one of the most popular and ancient technique of keeping the body healthier).

- Regular intake of fibre foods including fruits, green vegetables etc.

- Consume more juicy fruits.

- Avoid to much table sugar intake (in tea, coffee & candies etc. )

- Avoid oily and fast foods (burger, pizzas, hotdogs etc. ).

- Non-veg should be used in white meat (like fishes).

- Take a mile walk after lunch or dinner.

- Don’t take irregular meals (a mild food intake before lunch or dinner)

- Filtered / light food oils used should be used for cooking purposes (i. e. less cholesterol) for this soyabean oil is the best.

- Usage of boiled food should be implemented inspite of fried foods.

- Drink a lot of water to overcome the digestive problems as the indigestion is one of the ultimate cause of obesity.

- Don’t change your life style (eating, working or living) even under extreme work pressures, as this is found as one of the main cause to obesity.

The entire scenario has to be checked and review not only by the obese patients but with the normal ones too regularly, as this is one of the keynote to ultimate health.

And if there is a situation if you find yourself to be highly obese then an obesity surgery is a must for you, for this you could send us your medical history report to us or even email us for further consultancy.


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