You Are Not Happy Being Obese - Realizing This Is The First Step To Losing Weight!


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This article is for people who are obese but still claim they are happy despite their weight. Being obese will lead to a much shorter life and also decrease the quality of life you can have.

It has been proven that overweight people are less likely to get a job than a person who is not overweight. It’s also known that obese people don’t get partners as attractive as those who aren’t obese. I could go on for ages about how slimmer people enjoy better things from life then those who are obese.

Despite all the things mentioned above many larger people still say “I’m happy the way I am”, this may be true for a select few, but the majority are just kidding themselves. And the only person who suffers from this is the one in denial. There are many reasons you may say you are happy when you actually aren’t. But the sooner you look at yourself in the mirror and say “I’m not happy with my weight” the sooner you can start on your road to losing weight. This way of thinking is much the same as that of alcoholics. Until you face up to the problem you can’t tackle it.

Apart from medical problems there is no excuse for being obese. There are so many products and services available that you can start to lose weight now and live a longer and happier life. There are books, fitness DVDs, free online advice, diet pills, shakes and advice lines that can all help you. Like I said, there is no excuse!

This article is not designed to offend or wind up any obese people. It is for your own benefit, if you are actually unhappy with your weight and want to lose some of it then owning up to this is the first step. You only live once and you don’t want to regret not losing weight in years to come.

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