Food Intolerance and Obesity - It May Not Be Your Fault That You're Fat

Christine Cheng

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As many as 80-90% of us have some form of adverse reaction to one or more foods or additives. Eating the offending foods can result in a broad range of symptoms such as migraine headaches, weight gain, chronic exhaustion, hyperactivity (ADD), arthritis, respiratory and skin disorders.

The food types we can react to include many foods generally considered to be healthy and nutritious. Many of these are consumed whilst on a weight loss regime: lettuce, cucumber, tuna, chicken and lemon being examples. This may explain why so many of us starve on a low calorie, low carbohydrate diet and yet fail to lose weight. To make matters worse, many of the foods that we are intolerant of are the very foods that we are addicted to!

When the offending food is consumed, an inflammatory reaction occurs, with the body mounting an immune response towards it. This can produce a multitude of reactions within the body. Changes in brain serotonin levels mimics depression and triggers a craving for sweet foods. Eating these simple sugars produces temporary relief, but brings with it an insulin surge that causes further craving for sugars. It is this vicious cycle that results in the failure of so many attempts at losing weight.

Once the trigger foods are identified, simple elimination of these substances could result in weight loss, particularly when combined with an exercise regime. The ALCAT Test is a simple blood test that can check an individual's reaction to 150 common food substances and 20 chemicals/food additives. Dietary elimination of your favourite foods may not be easy initially, but these foods can be re-introduced after 3 to 6 months. The eating plan is unique to your specific body physiology, and it avoids the needless elimination of entire food groups or calorie counting.

Clients who stay on the new eating plan benefit from weight loss, increased energy and improved well-being. There is at least moderate improvement with obesity (98%), migraines (78%), arthritis (77%), eczema (67%), chronic fatigue (71%), chronic sinusitis (62%), diarrhoea/constipation (73%)

Food intolerance testing and the elimination of trigger foods can be the solution to the many people who have found it difficult to lose weight despite making appropriate dietary and lifestyle changes.

Dr Christine Cheng is an Aesthetic Physician at Simply Aesthetic Rejuvenation & Contouring Clinic ( ) in Singapore. She runs an effective slimming program combining the Food Intolerance Test with Mesotherapy and Advanced Contouring techniques to speed up the fat melting process. She is the Aesthetics Contributor for Gethat Magazine.

Simply Aesthetic Rejuvenation & Contouring Clinic provides non-surgical solutions to enhance physical beauty. Treatments available include mesotherapy for fat melting, cellulite, stretch marks, alopecia and rejuvenation, botox, fillers and chemical peels. Their cellulite program ( ) shows reduction after 3 sessions, with elimination of moderate cellulite after just 5 sessions.


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