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Weight Britain! A Win is a Win?


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Recent statistics reveal that Great Britain has the highest percentage of obese inhabitants in Europe, and it has been forecast that this figure is set to increase in size, if nothing is done about the problem. Although Great Britain has climbed to the top of a chart, I doubt even the most patriacal Brits could view this as any kind of victory. In fact this should act as a catalyst for us, as a nation, to act on these findings and begin to reverse the trend.

The report shows that one in five women and one in four men are now obese, with the North of the country being the worst affected. The obesity problem all around the world has been described as an epidemic, which may sound ridiculous, when we consider that this word usually follows diseases such as cholera and aids; however, it appears that as time goes on this description of the problem is becoming more and more warranted.

The fact is that being overweight or even being obese is not purely an issue in terms of physical appearance, but this disease can lead to all kinds of medical and potentially life threatening illnesses.

Diseases Associated with Obesity

- Diabetes
- Hyperlipidemia
- Blood circulation diseases like arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, heart disease, and palsy
- Skin disease
- Joint problems, back, knee, and ankle pain
- Liver disease
- Cholelithiasis
- Menstrual abnormalities
- Female infertility
- Breast cancer
- Endometrium cancer
- Decline in libido
- Mental stress

As if this list of illness were not enough, to reinforce the enormity of the problem and consequently the task ahead to solve it, some experts are predicting that by the year 2020 obesity related mortality will have overtaken smoking related mortality as the number 1 cause of death in Great Britain. It is of course up to our Government to ensure the welfare of its’ population (or employers), which will probably happen in time, after all the country wide smoking ban in public places is due to begin on July 1st, just decades after the dangers to health of such a habit were very clear to nearly everyone.

We do need to tackle this problem as a nation and I am sure that steps will be taken to do so, however, in the meantime there are simple steps that we can all take as individuals to improve the health of our own families.

For the safest and most affective method for you to guard against obesity or to cure obesity, I would recommend consulting your doctor, because they should be most qualified to deal with weight issues and concerns that you may have.

Warren Pears writes articles on a variety of areas in the health and beauty sector, and works for providing reviews of products and information within the health and beauty sector.


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