Three Things To Do Daily To Get Yourself In Shape

Kian Ann Tan

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We as humans are given the gift of the ability to learn and make intelligent choices in life, to understand how so many things work in the whole universe, yet we find ourselves living as if we don't - in our daily activities, we live like we are penned animals.

The human body is capable of wonders, but laze has taken over us. Every day we laze. From the bed to the breakfast table, to the bus seat, to the office chair, and back home on the living room couch. Today, a lot of work is desk bound, a lot of work requires the running of the brain, but not the body. This keeps us tied to our chairs, tables and computers for long hours everyday!

As the saying goes “What you don't use, you will lose. " If we stop using our physical ability of our body, we will one day find ourselves never being able to use them anymore. This sedentary kind of lifestyle can only do our bodies harm.

We need to keep our bodies healthy, and we need to seek exercise.

Obesity is a huge problem, especially in the developed countries in the world! The problem of obesity is mainly caused by laziness and overeating. People today don't move around very much! Even those who say they “workout" - all the do is just run a round or two round the track. This is not even sufficient to offset your breakfast cereal!

So even exercise alone is not very efficient. What it takes for people to get healthy and fit is an all rounded program with includes both regular exercise, proper diet and sufficient rest!

Here are three things you can do daily to keep yourself up to shape.

1. Rest well and rest enough

Make sure that you get adequate sleep! Sleep time is the time where the body really rests and your muscles and brain are put at rest. Sleeping well means that you will wake up fully recharged and full of energy to go!

Sufficient rest therefore means that you can do more in the day, and do more exercise.

2. Take a walk

Many people think that exercising means you have to get into your running shoes and head off to the track to sprint. That is not the case. One of the best forms of exercises is walking. If you build up slowly, you can easily get yourself to walk for 30 minutes at a go, for five times a week. This not only helps you to workout, but also gives you time to relax and refect.

3. Watch what you eat

You are what you eat. The more ugly foodstuff you dump in yourself, the more ugly you will be. The healthier foods you eat, the healthier you will be! Of course, I'm not saying that you must totally abstain from all the hamburgers and chips. Eat in moderation. Fill yourself with at least 80% of healthy food like fruits and vegetables, and eat only 20% of meat, oil, and the likes.

With a systematic fitness program, Kian Ann lost 19 kilograms in 16 weeks.

Find out how he did it at


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