Lose Weight by Learning to Play the Organ


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Imagine your hands gliding effortlessly, skillfully, making lighting fast decisions made possible by the sheer mastery that your have over your instrument. People look on in awe, astounded by your dedication and self discipline. The audience is on their feet with a standing ovation, your family members tearfully cheering above the applauding crowd, you step away from the Buffet table. . . a champion. You bow politely, acknowledging the approval of the audience, soaking in the well deserved glory, it is deserved because you have mastered the organ, you have mastered. . . the Pancreas.

The Heart gets all the attention and all the glory these days. There is the American Heart Association, slogans like “eat heart healthy", “I love you with all my heart", the list goes on and on. Certainly the heart is vital to living and should be treated with respect and cared for properly, but the great unsung hero of the body is the pancreas. This is the organ that produces Insulin. Insulin forces sugars from the food you eat into the cells so that the cells can convert it to energy to fuel the body or store it as fat. The pancreas controls how much energy you have during the day and when you have it, it controls whether you gain body fat or lose body fat, it controls when you feel hungry and when you feel full. If your pancreas wears out you get Diabetes.

It is very rare that the human heart stops beating because it t beat too many times and just plain wore itself out. The heart is a muscle, a very tough, relentless workhorse that just doesn't want to quit. If it stops we can electroshock it back to action, we can cut it open and fix it if it's broke or damaged, even if it dies we can cut it out and put in a new one, electroshock it, and it starts beating again. An engineering marvel.

The Pancreas is just as tough. It must produce and pump insulin into the blood stream to process our food into energy (think about what you eat and you can appreciate how difficult this can be) to fuel the body. It works tirelessly, attempting to keep your blood sugar in a very narrow range while you take in enormous amounts of sugar that cause your pancreas to produce great spikes of insulin. Unlike the heart however, your pancreas will wear out, it may take decades (or it might not) of abuse but the day comes when it just can't do it anymore. In fact children are suffering from pancreatic problems at an alarming rate as a result of the enormous amounts of sugar in their diets. The amount of insulin that can be produced becomes limited or in some cases ceases altogether. This results in Diabetes, which results in circulatory problems, blindness, and a host of other medical issues.

So learn to play your pancreas, begin today choosing foods that are low in sugar so that your pancreas doesn't have to work overtime trying to balance out the sugar with insulin. You will feel better, you will have more energy and you will lose weight.

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Jim Lange is a health and fitness enthusiast. This year he lost 72 lbs in 9 months by resetting his blood sugar levels and adopting a consistent exercise program. You can check out his blog at http://resetyourweight.blogspot.com/ to get more information, motivation, and tips on weight loss and fitness.


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