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With make-up being a part of daily routine for many people, the use of cosmetics is on the rise. Most of these cosmetics are oil based because oily foundations give longer coverage and a better flawless look. But the use of these oil based cosmetics just increase the amount of oil in the skin.

The damaging effect of cosmetics on acne skin can be contributed to the presence of excess oil in the cosmetics and also to the harmful ingredients used to manufacture them. The other damage comes from the poor removal of the acne makeup leaving behind clogged pores.

One of the most common oily substances in cosmetics is Lanolin, which is found in various sunscreens and lotions and it is thought to promote smooth skin, but its skin-penetrating quality is known to trigger acne. The cosmetic industry has come up with water based creams, alcohol based liquids and oil free foundations as a solution to oily skins. Although these cosmetics are touted as oil free they are still harmful because of the synthetic products that have been used as oil substitute. For example one of these products used in foundation and claimed to make skin smooth are also used as rust removers!The dyes and fragrances used in cosmetics are derived from coal tar and are actually known to worsen the acne! The use of some cosmetic can actually trigger acne flareup.

Most people with acne should avoid cosmetic but if they have to apply them then they should consider oils such as mineral oil and sunflower oil based cosmetics which do not penetrate the skin, and are less harmful. Always remove the cosmetics before retiring to bed by using gentle acne cleansers which are mild to your acne skin. Most drugstores attendants will assist you in identifying the skin care acne cosmetics that are gentle on acne skin. But always read the ingredients labels to see what has gone into the manufacturing of the product.

Avoid buying over the counter acne treatments at the drugs store and consult your doctor for acne prescription if you have moderate to severe acne inflammation.

For the acne sufferer cosmetics should be chosen and used with caution.

Get more acne information at on how to choose your skin care acne cosmetics. Read more tips on what acne products and acne medication to use to clear acne and enjoy a clear skin!

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