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Kalpna's Five Tips of Face Caring Part 2

S Kalpna Sharma

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God bless your face would shine like new born

Dear esteem readers once again I am with you with my new recipe for face caring. If you have followed my previous tips, you would have realized that these preventive remedial measures are infact face shaping exercise. Today I will tell you to amalgamate herbal paste and a bit of exercise to remove wrinkles and facial marks without wasting any money, time and place. All of you can do at home. After the great success of my earlier tips on related issues, I am flooded with my esteem readers’ queries but I would be honest with you to say that it is your face. How do you care, I leave it to you; but I am certainly interested that all Ezine esteem readers should be benefited with these simple face caring tips.

Sixth point which I am going to disclosed is really a miraculous mixture of treatment and preventive care. You have to be sincere while following the tips. Take 50 grams of Turmeric, 25 grams of Gram floor, 30 grams of Amla powder, 20 grams of lemon (green not yellow) rind (Chhilkas) skin powder or fresh crushed rind on stone, 50 grams of white ash of freshly burnt mango, Neem, lemon tree branches wood piece and two drops of red repeat red onion juice. Mix all in 50 to 75 gram of curd and grind in it in mixer. Prepare a yellow white paste. Remember if ash is not available you can do away with than please do not add onion juice. After prepare thick paste keep it in a copper (Kanshi) bowl for a day. It is ready to be used. After cleaning your face gently apply one layer of paste and wait for over two hours and allow settling down paste on skin. After two hours, apply thin layer of mustered oil with both palms on it. Again wait for an hour. Now take a soft hand towel, dip in tolerable warm or boiling water and remove the paste slowly in about 20 minutes. Ensure take following precautions while doing the process:-

i) Do not sit infront of fan;
ii) Do not sit in direct sun or expose;
iii) Not to rub your face;
iv) Apply gentle pressure while removing paste;
v) Prepare soft liquid paste with adequate curd. You can increase curd quantity;
vi) Do not let paste go into eyes. If at all it happens wash eyes with cold water and take medical advise as onion juice may cause severe irritation;
vii) Incase of severe irritation to some skin user where pimples are too many, reduce lemon powder to 10 grams. I am sure you will have most soft and charming face after two to three such preventive care exercises.

Seventh tip is for those unfortunate women and girls who are tired of repeated appearance of different type of acne and pimples on face. The paste I am going to speak about really causes lot of irritation and fear amongst users; but rest assure it would cure you earliest than any other treatment. Nevertheless, treatment for chronic pimples and acne to continues. Take 50 grams of lemon and Mausamies rind, 100 gram of Neem trees inner skin, 10 grams of dry Garlic cover ash, 5 grams of dry onion cover ash, 10 grams of turmeric, two almonds, 10 gram Amla powder and 50 grams of black Gram floor. Prepare a thick paste of all herbs in mixer grinder. Take four to six piece of ginger, clean and boil it in about 200 milliliters of water till only 100 milliliters is left. Now add water in the mixture and grind well. You will get a thick paste. Keep it for about six hours. Now mix about 50 grams of milk cream in it. Gently wash you face, apply one layer of pure mustered oil, rinse your face with lukewarm water and apply the paste. Wash again with lukewarm water after four to six hours.

Eighth tip of my research would concentrate on women and girls who regularly suffer from pimples and acne near puberty or menstruation cycle due to hormonal and body changes. 10 gram powder or lemon rind, 10 gram powder of black gram covers, 5 gram each of garlic and ginger cover, 5 grams of Neem leaf, 50 grams of curd and 10 grams of milk cream. Mix all herbs and contents in mixer and prepare a thick paste. After washing you face apply two layers of paste one after other. Cover your face and neck with hand towel dipped in tolerable warm water to maintain softness. After one hour slowly, message you face and neck with puncturing any pimple. Wait for two hours and aplly one layer of pure mustered oil. After one hour wash and apply one thin layer of milk, almond and turmeric paste for 20 to 30 minutes. Wash your face, God wishes your face would shine like mirror. While applying paste take care to protect eyes. Incase paste enters in eyes wash with cold water and seek doctor advice immediately. Such women and girls should also eat mixture of Neem, Basil and lemon rind to set biological metabolism in order to cure pimples.

Ninth tip is for those readers who rarely find time to take general care of their faces. Take 200 grams of white wood ash prepared infront of them, mix it in 10 grams of lemon rind, 10 gram basil leafs, and 50 grams of gram floor. Prepares paste in mixer in 50 gram of curd and 10 gram of turmeric. Apply once a week. God will help in making you face your prime wealth.

Tenth tip is my favorite paste for all types of women and girls who continue to suffer from any type of facial problem and disorder. Infact I believe that “Prevention is better than cure”. Based on this principle, I prepared this paste for general people. Ten tip ends with ten ingredients of a majestic paste without any commercial use. I hope my sisters and daughters would take full advantage of this paste than any thing else. Take 200 gram of Gram floor, 50 grams rinds of lemon or sweet lemon, 10 gram rinds of ginger, 10 gram ash of Garlic and red onion dry covers, five almonds, 10 gram turmeric, 25 gram cream, 25 milliliters of Mustered oil and 50 gram curd. Mix all ingredients and grind them well in mixer. Keep it for two to three hours. Rinse your face with lukewarm water and apply two layers of paste on face. Wait for three to four hours and wash with cold water. God bless your face would shine like new born. As God’s reincarnation of world women face is precious for me, I hope it would remain shining forever.

I have been using these herbal pastes from last five decades and hope Ezine valued readers in the world would be benefited from these costless facial recipes.

I am a freelace writers who continue to write on various issues dealing with human requirement. I offer free help and advice including medical and spiritual matters.


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