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Great Tips and Advice on Acne Laser Treatment


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Acne laser treatment is perceived by many as a one-time method of getting rid of acne problems permanently. For most people, acne laser treatment is the last resort. If nothing else works out for them, that's the time they consider having an acne laser treatment scheduled as soon as possible.


Acne laser treatment or ALT is a slightly expensive method of eliminating those pesky red spots on your face and body. ALT is more often than not part of a comprehensive process of battling acne. Meaning the popular belief of ALT being a one-stop-treatment is simply a myth conjured by wishful thinking. Although acne laser treatment can indeed be effective and has lifelong effects, some individuals who have undergone ALT find themselves in need for additional or extended treatment.

ALT is initiated by a technician and with the use of a small albeit powerful laser to blast away glands that are causing the skin to produce excessive oil. Although the description seems bloody, the whole procedure is more or less pain-free. And you need not be concerned about the exterminated glands because losing them have been scientifically proven not to possess any harmful effects on the patient.


Before you undergo an ALT, you must be aware that laser treatment will not make the acne already existing on your face and body to disappear after the treatment. The treatment will only prevent further production of acne, nothing more and nothing less. For the existing acne, you will have to rely on antibiotics to take care of that.


Nonablative Treatment uses a laser to go under your skin and stimulate collagen production and tighten the skin in the area. In addition to effective acne control, the treatment will give you better looking skin.

Erbium Treatment is the type that uses heat to pass through water molecules and consequently get to the patient's skin. This does not only stop acne breakout but removes facial wrinkles and acne blemishes as well.

Carbon Dioxide Treatment is said to be the best of all ALTs as it is able to remove all types of acne.

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A Breakthrough, Laser Acne Treatment
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